Office of the Property Administrator

The Office of the Property Administrator is responsible for planning, organizing, controlling, and evaluating activities related to the control of inventory and physical movement of properties, supplies and equipment of the University.

Duties and Responsibilites

  • Inspects the work if the personnel under him, and coordinates with the Personnel Head for the appointment, promotion, or separation of the same;
  • Directs the use of school vehicles and drivers, assigns rooms, halls, grounds, and other facilities for coordination with the department concerned;
  • Monitors the proper maintenance and upkeep of school laboratories, equipment, and other facilities, and coordinates with the concerned personnel regarding their uses;
  • Institutes and supervises programs for the maintenance, safety and improvement of buildings and grounds, in consultation with the President and the VP-Finance;
  • Establishes a system for the proper handling of requisitions; releases school supplies upon receipt of requisitions duly signed by the office concerned; screens large or unusual requisitions for special study and consideration;
  • Initiates priorities on the kind, number, and terms of purchase in accordance with school needs and availability of funds in coordination with the VP-Finance; proposes to the President through the VP-Finance, sizable non-budgeted acquisitions, improvement or the capital expenditures;
  • Sets up purchasing programs after study of buying methods and practices, frequency of orders, and lead times for delivery; and develops primary sources for supply;
  • Prepares Purchase Requisitions for approval by the VP-Finance, and issues the corresponding Purchase Order;
  • Examines the Sales Invoice for price, quantity, and terms of delivery; checks delivered goods against Purchase Order and Sales Invoice, and prepares receiving reports;
  • Conducts periodic checks on the price and quality of materials, reliability of suppliers, new or better products, etc., in order to discover possible defects and minimize expenses;
  • Takes advantage of special discounts and favorable terms of sales, anticipates price increase for quantity purchases which might result in substantial savings;
  • Readies a preliminary budget for the office and submits it to the VP-Finance for proper action; receives budget control reports and explains variances between budgeted and actual expenditures;
  • Solicits and checks inventories from different offices; and
  • Performs other functions as directed by the President through the VP-Finance.

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