Fray William Villaflor, OAR, Recoletos de Bacolod Local Prior, and Fray Don Besana, OAR and the other members of the Recoletoios de Bacolod community led the thousands of students, faculty, and staff during the Walk for healing with the intercession of St. Ezekiel Moreno, August 19 from the Capitol Lagoon to the university gymnasium. The walk started at 6 am and culminated with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in honor of St. Ezekiel Moreno. The Main Presider was Fr. Besana and he was joined by Fray Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR, and Fray Cristituto Palomar, OAR. Fr. President in his homily shared that the most powerful of all is God. He (God) is the source of all the power and we must allow the power of God to work within ourselves. He told everyone that one of the secrets of Saint Ezekiel Moreno is his prayerfulness (his interiority). He shared that prayer is not just talking or listening to God but it is communion with God. We have to be one with God and we need to have a close friendship with God. Prayer should be a part of our lives and we need to have time to pray. He added that life without prayer is like a tree without roots and this tree will never bear fruits. We have to be deeply rooted in God. Fr. Besana recounted that St. Ezekiel was with us in Negros and the Philippines as a missionary. We have to make every day a day of communion with God. We have to pray for healing of our whole self – physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual healing. We implore the intercession of St. Ezekiel Moreno for the healing of all the sick, especially those who are suffering from cancer. Anointing of the sick followed after the Mass.