University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos opened the “Lalantawon: A One-Man Show Exhibit of Mr. Roberto “Bert” Berondo” at the UNO-R Main Lobby last December 9, 2015. The program started with an invocation led by Rev. Fr. Loreto Dacanay, OAR, UNO-R Property Administrator. Mr. Berondo shared his life experiences and how art helped him to survive his daily living. Last year, the artist suffered from a mild stroke; yet it did not hinder him to continue his craft. “My passion in painting helped me a lot to recover from the stroke”, he added. When asked about how he assess contemporary and modern artworks, he said that the styles of painting of current artists are different compared to the past generation because of the variety of resources. Nevertheless, he pointed out that despite the advent of modern technology the craftsmanship of the present generation never changed. Moreover, his talent helped him in supporting the needs of his family. According to him, the paintings that portray freedom of expression are typically distorted. ”In art, we should never limit our imagination, if we stick to only one approach, like surrealistic approach, we might delineate the idea of art itself”, he added. Mostly, his paintings depict the lifestyle of the Negrenses. On the other hand, Mr. Bert at the age of 60 is still into painting and never forgets the significance of art in his life. (Michelle G Pajotal, MassComm Intern and Lourd John Diaz, BSMC 3)