University Week 2014: The Week That Was…

IT STARTED WITH A FUN RUN 2014 The Run Recoletos 2014 ,now on its 3rd year, was held Sunday, September 07, 2014. The assembly was set at 5am and the Run starts at 6am. The Run commenced from Plaza 1606 to the Exit Vehicular gate – Lizares Ave. – Lizares mansion-Cor. Lizares Lacson-Lupit Church/Sacred Heart Seminary, — Araneta St. – Hernaez St. (7-Eleven) – NOHS-Paglaum Sports Complex-Negros First Cyber Center – Lacson St – Lizares Ave – UNO-R Via the Vehicular gate and ended back at the starting point. It was participated by the UNO-R Lay Admin, Faculty Members/Employees, alumni and students. Top 10 Male Finishers were- Mayongue, Jonie (CCJE) ;Mayongue, Johny (CCJE); De Los Santos, Jayson(Athlete Varsity); De La Cruz, Arsenio (Football Varsity), Nemenzo, Archie (Football Varsity); Ison, Johny (Athlete); Ramirez, Joshua (CONAHS); Quilates, Benjie (Athlete); Peraren, Ernesto (Athlete); Tenebroso, Christian Paul(Football Varsity). Top 10 Female Finishers were Guzon, Shara Mae (Athlete Varsity) Perfas, Kenia Pearl (Athlete Varsity) Tindog, Decemae (CCJE); Lava, Shalon; Ganon, Carla Jean(High School); Belleza, Leoniza (Athlete Varsity); Murillo, Garrielle Gold (High School); Escaro, Erika Kate (High School); Javier, Denise (COEng); Jagocoy, Anna Marie (UNO-R Alumna). Top Male Lay Administrator finisher is Mr. Mars Olea while the Top female Lay Administrator finisher is Dean Annabee Magbanua, Top male Employee finisher is Mr. Jojie Mondia, Top female employee finisher is Ms. Rosita Jane Sorallo. Top male high school finisher is Mr. Louide Patrick Setera while top female high school finisher Ms. Carla Jean Ganon. (Plinky Garcia) .


LMNHS dethrones FIMNHS in UNO-R Drum, Bugle Corps Competition

Dancing to the festive beat of lyres and drums, the green-and-yellow clad corps of Luisa Medel National High School (LMNHS) stood out among eight competing groups, stealing the crown from two-time defending champ Francisco Infante Memorial National High School (FIMNHS). LMNHS was declared Champion in the 3rd Inter-School Drum and Bugle Corps Competition last September 8 at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Amphitheater. “We expected to be on top,” said LMNHS Band Leader Agosto Ferrer, adding that they have prepared very hard for this competition. On the other hand, Anthony Claraga, FIMNHS band coordinator, said that they had lots of preparation, but they failed to defend their title. However, Claraga promised that they will make a huge comeback next year. LMNHS was sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences. Trailing behind the newly crowned champs are Don Hilario Gonzaga National High School (DHGNHS) and Tabao National High School (TNHS) who were awarded as first and second runners-up, respectively. Special awards were also given. With her grace and smile, TNHS lass Lourfame Validor was hailed Best Mother Majorette while FIMNHS

was awarded Most Disciplined Group. Don Julio Ledesma National High School was the group with the most number of delegates. The eight competing groups each received a computer set for their respective schools. “This competition aims to give the U-week celebration a festive mood,” shared Barbara Cordova, over-all chairman of the competition. She added that it is also a way of marketing the university to the high school students in the province. The Inter-School Drum and Bugle Corps Competition is just one of the many activities of the UNO-R University Week 2014 celebration. ( Norman Baldomar with reports from Roselyn Borromeo and Stella Grace Lumawag)

COM Celebrates Mama Mary’s Birthday

The Children of Mary, a religious organization here at the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, celebrated the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, “Happy Birthday! Mama Mary” September 8, 2014 at the university auditorium. Aaron Kim Gil, COM president said that during the event, COM members and applicants socialized with each other to promote camaraderie between the student members and alumni as they celebrate the birthday of Mama Mary. Dean Christopher Taclobos, Dean of the College of Engineering and the adviser of COM said that it is time to enjoy and time to recall that someone has been born and gave Jesus as our savior. “This is also a time to honor Mama Mary as a mode of simplicity, charity, obedience, and purity.” (Bea Singuay)


‘Dance Hits’ opens U-Week 2014

The University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos (UNO-R) U-Week 2014 festivities officially kicked off September 8 with a dance showdown at the University Gymnasium. Seven colleges and the high school department heated the dance floor as they grooved to the beat of most requested contemporary dance hits. The College of Education got the champion trophy. While College of Arts and Sciences bagged the Most Colorful Group Award with their Gangnam Style-inspired performance, was awarded first runner-up. The College of Information Technology, dressed as foxes, trees and flowers, danced to the beat of Ylvis’ hit song “ What Does the Fox Say” and was hailed the Most Unique Group and second runner-up. The spectators also moved to the upbeat rhythm of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”, Psy’s “Gentleman”, Flo Rida’s “Low”, 2NE1’s “Fire” and the Pussycat Doll’s “Jai Ho.” (By Norman N. Baldomar, Jr., UNO-Recoletos MassComm Intern with reports from Arleen Joy Pollentes, UNO-Recoletos MassComm Intern)


The Dragon Dance

The 61st University week officially opens with the theme; “UNO-R: Journeying toward a New Evangelization in the Year of the Laity”. The opening ceremony was held at the gymnasium. This event was participated by the UNO-R administrators led by Fr. President, faculty and staff and students. Fr. President gave the welcoming message and declared the opening of the U-Week 2014. As an annual tradition, a dragon dance was held and performed by the Amity from UNO-R and Negros Occidental National High School. The dance signifies luck and the dragons are believed to possess qualities of great power and dignity. The dragons roamed around the University campus and entered in each office. ( Mae Ann C. Defensor, with reports from Aica Dichoso)


Hundreds of bullets rained as the UNO-R faculty and employees showcased their shooting skills in the 2014 Intra-Employees Target Shooting Competition at the University Target Range, Tuesday morning. Nine gun enthusiasts from the different offices showed their agility, sharpness and proficiency in gun handling in the two-stage competition. The participants competed in the Basic and Final Rounds with 8 and 16 rounds each, respectively. “It’s very challenging because you are not going to shoot at one position only but from one position to another,” said Participant from VP for Academics Imelda Matullano. With 120 points, Captain Dionisio Silva outdid the rest of the shooters in the male category. Fr. Constantino Real, OAR, VP for Administration and Mars Oleo, Head of Safety and Security Department landed first and second runners up, in that order. “I did not expect to have this one because I don’t have any practice anymore because I’m very busy with my work,” Captain Silva expressed. Meanwhile, Loriejen Fidelson, faculty member of the College of Criminal Justice Education was declared champion in the female category after her excellent performance. According to Jasmin Parreño, Dean of CCJE, the event was intended to improve the handling and shooting skills of the faculty and employees as well as a venue for them to enjoy the University Week. . (John Lester Almosa, UNO-Recoletos MassComm Intern with reports from Arleen Joy Pollentes, UNO-Recoletos MAssComm Intern)


To showcase the students’ knowledge in structural analysis and design, the Civil Engineering Department held its 1st Miniature Building Competition at the Engineering Lobby, September 9. Five groups composed of 6 members joined the competition which was open only for the 4th and 5th year Civil Engineering students. Each group was given 3 hours to build their miniature structural design which composed of an 8-storey building with the following dimensions: maximum floor area of 49 inches, floor height of 5 inches and minimum height of footing of 2 inches. The materials were provided by the Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES), headed by Nikki Abendon. According to Abendon, the competition served as a challenge for all the participants because it dealt and required accurate measurements. Meanwhile, Engr. Owen Martir said that the primary purpose of the event is for the students to apply all the theories they have learnt inside the classroom. As to the simulation to test student’s structural work, the CE Department will use a machine with a constant lateral force. The results of the said competition will be revealed on September 12, 2014 (John Kevin B. Pabuaya)


The College of Information Technology held its annual “Battle of the Wits” and “Battle of the Logicians” at the University Auditorium and St. Ezekeil Moreno Building, simultaneously, September 9. These activities were organized by the CIT Student Council and participated by the students of the said college. According to Christine Joy Dorias, CIT College Governor, these events aim to enhance the skills of the students on programming and logical thinking as well as to build harmony and camaraderie among the students of the CIT. The Battle of the Wits covered questions on general information, mathematics, and IT related topics with three rounds namely the easy, moderate and difficult. Janine Nobleza and Reihna Espinosa from the sophomore bested all participants while Micah Tugado and Rojean Tingal from the same year level landed second place. Faith Ann Maglantay and Kelsey Mae Deloeste settled in the third place. Meanwhile, the Battle of the Logicians is all about IT-related subjects which involved activities such as the “Paint IT” for the elementary, “Present IT” for the high school, “Basic Programming” for the 1st year and Advance Programming for the upper class years. “Scratch Game Programming”, on the other hand, was added in this year’s list of activities. The winners in the Battle of the Logicians will be posted at the CIT bulletin board as soon as the judging is done. (Richelle Dema-ala with reports from Bea Singuay)

EXECOM organizes Essay Writing, Poster Making

In realizing the University Week 2014’s theme, the UNO-Recoletos Executive Committee organized contests like Essay Writing and Poster Making at the University Main Lobby and room SA104 simultaneously, September 9. These activities were participated by the seven colleges and the High School Department with two representatives each. Every participant was given an hour and a half to finish their works which echoe the main topic, “The Laity and the New Evangelization. According to the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences Dean Shiela Arnibal, these contests aim to provide a venue for those neophytes who have the talent in writing and drawing. A panel of judges composed of three English teachers from the administration and two from the elementary department will determine the winners. The High School Department was adjudged Champion and the College of Education was named 1st runner- up in the Essay Writing Contest while in the College of Engineering emerged champion in the Poster-Making Contest. The essay writing and poster making contests are just two of the many academic activities for the U-Week celebration. (Arleen Joy D. Pollentes with reports from Richelle Dema-ala, UNO-Recoletos MassComm Intern)

UNO-R Wins First Recoletos Tennis Challenge

The University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos won the first ever Recoletos Tennis Challenge which was held, September 9, 2014 at the Grandslam Tennis Court at Espinos Village, Bacolod City. The UNO-R Rams won the doubles tennis contest against the University of San Jose – Recoletos Jaguars in an 8-0 score which made the Jaguars finished as the 1st runner up of the competition. Mr. Rommel Adricula, one of the organizers of the event said that the event’s main purpose is to foster camaraderie between the tennis players of UNO-R and USJ-R. The event was supposed to happen at the UNO-R tennis court but due to bad weather, it was transferred at the Grandslam Tennis Court. This event was sponsored by the Executive Committee (EXECOM) and the Sports Office. (By Joel Redula)

NOHS bags back-to-back championship

Equipped with functional, social and political awareness, the Negros Occidental High School outdid the other participants and bagged the back-to-back championship in the third Social Science Quiz at the President’s Hall, September 9. Gene Philip Levee Ynion and Ryan Miguel Cornel set the lead for the easy round with eight correct answers out of ten questions. A turn of event happened in the average round when the Sum-ag National High School fired a series of correct answers, pulling the lead, 17-16. However, the NOHS managed to get back in the difficult round and bested the rest with an overall score of 25 points. Sum-ag National High School and Mansilingan Agro-Industrial High School landed first and second runners up, respectively. “I’m very proud to represent my school although it is a very big pressure for us to win this competition again,” said Ynion. The NOHS has established Academia Club, a program for review for the students as preparation for the various competitions the school wishes to participate in. According to Earl Pabiona, NOHS coach and mentor, Ynion and Cornel were already chosen last year through the said program and had a whole year training in advance. The event primarily aims to emphasize the importance of man, his values, his behavior and his relationships as the most important thing that brings success in the community. “We have a role to play in emphasizing, stressing to our youth… that success in life is still determined by man and technology, money and profit play only secondary roles,” said Dr. Julio Jude Rosales, faculty member of Social Behavioral Sciences and Social Work Department (SOBESSOW). The competition was part of the University’s advocacy of recognizing the vital roles of the youth in evangelization. ( John Lester r. Almosa)


The Kasadyahan Dance Company (KDC) called on all the alumni of the Center for Performing Arts to a homecoming , September 9, 2014. A lunch for a cause was done at the UNO-R gym after the Eucharistic celebration attended by the KDC members and other alumni of the Center. During the luncheon, Fr. President gave the Welcome address while Rev. Fr. Leopoldo Estioko, OAR, Founder of the Center for Performing Arts, gave the response in behalf of the awardees. Those who were given recognitions were: Fr. Estioko; Fr. Antonio Limchaypo, OAR; Fr. Joseph Dexter Palagtiosa,OAR; Fr. Joel Alve,OAR; Dr. Jose Ferraris; Mrs Lydia Paz Umali; Mr. Jose Pepito Esgra; Mara Lopez-Exito; Mr. Milton Dionzon; Mr. Rodolfo Reveche; Mrs. Bebing Corteza (posthumous) and Mr. Antonio Valente (posthumous) for the mentorship while outstanding alumni of the Center are: Saicy Aguila; Jed Amihan; Dolly Bungcaras- Dalumpines; Ryan Nico Jago; Jodette Agapay – Maghari; Shandel Revalez; Joel Teodoro; and Danny Vale. Mr. Ruel Calansingin and Oliver Dondonoy were also cited for bringing together the alumni of the Center. Rev. Fr. Louie Gabinete, OAR is the over-all coordinator and producer of the whole activity. A tribute performance entitled “Obra” was presented by the members and the alumni of the Center at the university gymnasium.

. . . ON THE THIRD DAY . . .


A procession in honor of the Patron Saint of the university and a Fiesta Mass opened the day. The procession was led by Fr. President, Fr. Prior and Fr. Moral with other religious, administrators, faculty and students. Rev. Msgr. Louie Galbines, VG was the main celebrant and Other concelebrants were: Fr. Prior; Fr. President; Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR; Fr. Jorge Peligro,OAR; Fr. Rouel Sia, OAR; Fr. Louie Gabinete, OAR; Fr. Pedro Escanillas ,OAR; Fr. Loreto Dacanay, OAR; Fr. Eduardo Celiz ,OAR; Fr. Hernando Coja, OAR; Fr. Abraham Latoza, OAR; Fr. Leopoldo Estioko, OAR; Fr. Vincent Cadeliña, OAR; Fr,.Joel Naranja, OAR, Fr. Edgar Piligrino Tubio, OAR; and Fr. Dominador Mercado, OAR. Distribution of the Panecillos followed after the Mass. (Luina Mendiola)



The Religious won over the employees of UNO-R during the Basketball competition between the OAR Religious and the UNO-R employees with a score of 78 -74. The game was played at the university Covered Court , September 10. The OAR Team is composed of Fr. Peligro; Fr. Gabinete; Fr. Sia; Fr. Latoza; Fr. Mercado; Fr. Sanchez; Fr. Dacanay; Fr. Andan; Fr. Tubio; Fr. Palagtiosa; Fr. Songcad, Fr. Magbojos; and Fr. Ortega; Meanwhile, the UNO-R employees called it draw in the football match tagged as “Futbul de Nikolas” last September 10 with a 4-4 scorecard, when Mr. Raymund Goyon scored the last goal. The OAR football team is composed of Bro. Culaton; FR.

Sia; Fr. Sanchez; Fr. Real; Fr. Conde; Fr. Ortega; Fr. Peligro; Fr. Palagtiosa; Fr. Latoza; Fr. Gabinete; Fr. Dacanay; Fr. Orobia; fr. Bitangjol; Fr. Buñao;Fr.Andan; Fr. Naranja, and Fr. Cabati-an. The gaes were coordinated by Fr. Louie.



The organizers of the Bloodletting activity greatfully thank the following blood donors:

Balbanida, Princess Glenn B.; Orbecido, Ernil T.; De Miguel, Ronnel; Lo, Michael John; Alane, Alfredo D. ; Araiza, Daniel D.; Sison, Mervin John V.; Jimenez, Jenny Rose; Pirote, Jet Homero G.; Ferandez, Nikko; Cabanag, Darwin; Ytienza, Alain Jr.; Celeste, Nevelson A.; Villanueva, Algin R.; Palacios, Aljim M.; Dela Cruz, Genrex; Drilon, Chris John A.; Sabid, Mark I.; Abelarde, Jian Carlo; Jison, Maria Anna D.; Lozada, Joshua Alexis; Taclobos, Christopher; Panel, Ariel Jr.; Esleyer, Jeddan Bryl; Pabuaya,. John Kevin; Embao, Jameson; Paredes, Rene G.; Velasco, Arvin; Aboy, Reynaldo P.; Gonzaga, Shaira; Belonio, Winme C.; Lopez, Krizzpee Mae; Tolentino, Romichael; Rebucas, Jambie; Santiago Jr., Wilfredo P.; Dominguez, Roy Nestor C.;Deloeste, Michael; Juayang, Iris Lorraine D.; Mondejar, John Mark; Tinapao, Jason Terence; Mercado Jr., Efren; Gultia, Jeromh; Lomeran, John Fidel; Bedonia, Ariel A.; Go, Jonalyn; Patlingrao, Santiago; Sanares, Rigel; and Catibog, Mico Hubert.



It’s the battle of beauty and brain as the candidates from different colleges compete for the crown of Mr. and M s. UNO-R held on Sept. 10, 2014 , 7:00 pm at the University Gymnasium. The theme of the pageant was entitled “ UTOPIA: Perfection within” . Mr. Kevin Peñaranda, chairman of the said event, “We choose Utopia because it coincides our theme for this U-WEEK, the New Evangelization, so U TOPIA means perfect world.” The objectives of this event are to involve candidates actively in the said event, build confidence and strong self-esteem appreciate their roles as ambassador s of Recollect Charism, strengthen camaraderie, and to involve them in different corporate social responsibilities. Peah Angelica Diamante, from the College of Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences and Riljun Mayagma, from the College of Business and Accountancy, held as the Mr. and Ms. UNO-R 2014. Both candidates from high school department won the first runner up namely Aldwin Hablo and Angela Tanoso. Michael Del Rosario from college of engineering from the College of Engineering, and Ms. Erna Torreblanca, from the College of Business and Accountancy place 2nd runner up. Michael Del Rosario bagged the awards of Mr. DRJ Wellness, Mr. Olive-C, and Mr. Photogenic. Carlo Dy, from the College of Arts and Sciences bagged the best in production number, Mr. Mwah, Mr. Social Media. Angela Tañoso for Ms. Mwah, best in production number, best in talent for female and Ms. Professionalism. Aldwin Hablo, for Best in talent for male, best in formal attire, Mr. New placenta and Mr. Splash, Giles Rojo for Mr. professionalism and Mr. Unorians Choice Award. Elna Marie Sarabia for Ms. Photogenic and Ms. Splash, Raxel Ann Gonzales, for M s. Olive-C, Tolentine Missosology, Ms. Social Media and Ms. DRJ Wellness. The Mr. and Ms. Congeniality goes to Grace Gimotea and Miguel Lim. Riljun Mayagma, for Mr. Tolentine Missosology. Erna Torreblanca for Ms. Mwah. Peah Angelica Diamante for Best in Formal Attire and Ms. Unorians Choice Award. (Richele Dema-ala,MassComm Intern)



The Tao Omega Mu Fraternity (TOM-FLC) organized a quiz bee challenge for freshmen students at the auditorium, Sept. 10. Mind Breakers, a quiz bee and was participated by the seven colleges having two participants each. Luckily Maicah Marie Pelaez and Claire Magbanua, from the College of Education, grabbed the first place. They felt unexpected and overwhelmed upon winning the mind breakers. The runners up were College of Arts and Science, and the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. The contest divided into three rounds. First was the easy round where they can get 2 points for every correct answer. The moderate round is equivalent for 5 points in every correct answer, and 10 points for the difficult round. The categories cover general knowledge, history (UNO-R, Philippines and the world), Mathematics, Science, literature, current events, and sports. The contest main goal is to let freshmen know the history of the school.(Mae Ann Defensor and John Kevin Pabuaya)

. . . ON THE FOURTH DAY. . .


To inform the students of the different procedures of the recruitment processes of the Philippine National Police under the Special Action Force, The College of Criminal Justice Education held an orientation on “Information Drive and Recruitment Process” at the University Little Theatre, September 11. Six officers from the 64th Special Action Company, headed by Commanding Officer Police Inspector Michael A. Aydaco came to spread awareness on the different recruitment procedures of the various fields of law enforcement. “Actually ang objective namin ay information dissemination about sa Special Action Force ng PNP… tapos about sa recruitment na rin,” said Police Officer 1 Robert B. Campos Jr. (Actually our objective is information dissemination about the Special Action Force of the PNP… and about the recruitment as well.) Other officers who were present are Police Officers Glenn M. Cawan, Noel C. Sabellano, Ralph B. Cabuy, and Gillian T. Leones. Meanwhile, Jasmin Pareño, dean of CCJE stressed that they encouraged other colleges to join the orientation since the trainees at the SAF are not limited to criminology graduates only. “Actually, this is not only for the criminology students… we also invited other students but unfortunately, only few has responded to the invitation,” she expressed. The SAF under the National Support Unit is a combating unit that is composed of the elites of the PNP that are in the last line of defense. (John Lester Almosa)



The Psychology department of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos held its first ever Special Olympics September 11, 2014 at the university covered court. The said sports activity were participated by different Special Education (SPED) centers from Bacolod City which were the Bacolod City SPED Center and Barangay Villamonte SPED Learning Center. Barbie Mission, psychology department president and the event organizer said that the main objective of the event was to build friendship and camaraderie between the special education schools and as well as to promote sportsmanship between the students. Sports activities include dodge ball, sack race, planting straw, and a relay. “We are so happy that our school was invited by UNO-R to participate in the Special Olympics because our students were exposed outside our school and also UNO-R students interacted with the kids and so are the kids.” said Mrs. Vivian C. Cawaling, Principal of Bacolod City SPED Center. “It is also the output of our student’s social and motor skills,” Mrs. Cawaling added. This event is sponsored by the INSPED130 class and with the help of the UNO-R Social Work department and the Special Education Student’s Association (SPEDSA). (Joel Redula)


University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos’ High School Department conduct their Literary – Musical (LITMUS) competition, September 11, 2 PM. The said event is participated by grade 7, grade 8, Grade 9, and the Fourth Year High School and held in the university gymnasium and this is sponsored by the High School Department headed by their cultural coordinator, Mrs. Christine Corcelles. Ms. Corcelles said that this event aims to give the student exposure and experience, and also developing self- confidence. The event includes Impromptu Speech (Category A and B), Declamation (English and Filipino), Vocal Solo (Pop Song), Folk Dance and Pop Dance. In Impromptu Speech Category A and B, the champions are Kache Torrena, grade 8 and Charles Gelotin, Grade 9, respectively. In declamation English and Filipino, the champions are both from the fourth year, Gialle Pasulades and Pauline Tan, Jhola Villanueva of Grade & won champion in vocal solo, Grade 9 representatives in Folk and Pop Dance were declared champions. “Super proud kay naghatag ko pride sa akon year level.” Pauline Tan said. The event ended with the announcement of over-all champion. Grade 8 is the 3rd placer while there was three-way tie among Grade 7, Grade 9, and fourth year as over-all Lit-MUs Champion. (Lumawag and Borromeo)

COM: For Good

The Children of Mary (COM) took a part of this celebration by producing a play entitled “For Good (A Musical Play for a Cause), September 11 at 10 am, Little Theater. This musical play showcases the talents of COM members, with a pure talent on singing, dancing, and acting. Through their efforts, COM members catch the attention of their audiences nailing their theme about humility to be the message they want to convey. This musical play aims to portrays the daily life of a college student. The ups and downs of the students encounters on their lives. And the reality of what life offers in this kind of world, were depicted in the passion and knowing the goal to help, this is the reason why COM members did their best in everything they did on the stage. According to Dian Noelle Dychangco, VP Apostolate focused more on singing as their way to serve God. Dychangco added, that the main objective of this musical play is to generate funds to help their Adopted School at Murcia, this adopted school of COM namely Purok Tumpok Elementary School. Children of Mary as a religious Organization of the university aims to generate income to help their Adopted School. All the money that the play will be collected it will be donated on the said school at Murcia. A small effort that will converted to a huge help for their adopted school small effort that will surely put a smile on the faces of the students at Purok Tumpok Elementary School. A true UNORian spirit, a virtue that each in every one of us must bear in our hearts and minds.(John Kevin Pabuaya)


The student’s Catholic Action of the Philippines ( SCAP) in UNO-R organized a concert for a cause entitled “SCAPaplabas” at the University Little theater, Sept. 11. The said concert is divided into two parts- the matinee and the gala, said Dean Victor Montalbo, SCAP Member. The Matinee which is the first part started at about 2pm-4pm while the gala will be in evening. The concert includes pop-dance, mash – up acapella, ballet, and playing of instruments by the SCAP members. There is also a performance of Kerby and Friends Band a guest band that performs their own composition. The proceeds in the concert will go to their fund for the future use that is related in their religious activity, Montalbo added. This is the first time that the SCAP organized a concert for a cause. (Mae Ann Defensor and Bea Singuay )



The tertiary level conducted its Literary Musical contest September 11, 2014, 7 pm at the University Gymnasium. The different colleges prepared contestants for Kundiman, Vocal Solo, and Vocal Duet, Music video, Live Music video and hip hop. The College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences won the first place in Kundiman followed by the College of Criminal Justice Education and third Runner-up for College of Business and Accountancy. In Vocal solo the College of Business and Accountancy won the first place, Second place for the College of Engineering and third place in College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. In Vocal Duet the College of Nursing

and Allied Health Sciences won the First place, Second place is the College of Arts and Sciences and third runner-up for the College of Business and Accountancy. The College of Arts and Sciences won the first place in Live Music video, Second Runner up to the College of Business and Accountancy and third runner-up for the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. The College of Engineering won the Hip hop, Second place for the College of Criminal Justice Education and third runner up to the College of business and Accountancy. The event was made possible with the help of the U-Week 2014 Executive Committee, UNORSSGO as well as the Chairman and staff of the said event. (Richelle Dema-ala)



The second part of Literary-Musical Contest Filipino was held at the UNO-R lobby around 1 p.m., Thursday, September 11. Seven colleges competed in the different categories, namely: Impromptu Speaking, Talumpati and Binalaybay. Michelle Marie Panzo of the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences bested the other participants with her wits in the Impromptu Speaking Competition, following her is Aljon Aliboga of College oF Business and Accountancy who was the first runner-up and Nikko Calumpiano of College of Education who got the second place while John Kaye Delostrico of the College of Arts and Sciences outdid the other contestants with his command of the Filipino language in Talumpati Contest, following him was Evenizer Jardinico of College of Education, while the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences made it to top three. Meanwhile, John Dale Salazar of the College of Arts and Sciences bagged the first place in Binalaybay contest with his great humor and delivery, following him was Willy Robles of College of Education who got the second place while the third place went to Mark Ayala of College of Criminal Justice Education.( Jody Anne Vidal)



The Junior Phil lnstitute of Chemical Engineers (JPIChe) UNO-R Chapter held a seminar on “Chemical Engineering on Graduate and Research studies” at the Fr. Cuenca Hall, September 11 afternoon. Chemical Engineering Department head, Engr. Yolanda Fernandez stated that this activity served as a supplement to what the students have learned inside the classroom. Dr. Mona Freda Secondes, an alumna of the department and currently the director of the Research and Planning Development Office of the university shared her experiences regarding the studies she has undergone during her quest until what she has become now. Dr. Fernandez also gave out some tips and ideas that will help the chemical engineering students in deciding what to pursue after graduation. This activity is done annually by the JPIChe headed by their department president, Christine Dula. (Arleen Joy D. Pollentes)

. . . ON THE FIFTH DAY. . .


Grade School Parents Teachers Association (PTA) officers sponsored the Musical Extravaganza 2014 held at the UNO-R Auditorium to show-off the talents of both the parents and the pupils in different contests, September 12. Pupils and parents jam packed the university auditorium with their energetic dancing and singing performance which started at 2 pm and ended 5 pm. Vocal duet opened the competitions. Vocal Solo, MTV-Live, Lip Sync and Group medley were the competitions joined by the parents and pupils of the grade school.(Mae Ann Defensor)


. . . ON THE LAST DAY. . .


The rains did not stop the High School Department and PHYSED 120 classes as they danced it away in their field demonstration performances, 3:00pm, Saturday, September 13. First to perform was the High School Department who danced their FIFA World Class Brazil and was then followed by the performances from the tertiary level of the Physical Education 120 classes with their respective themed-style dances. Classes of Mr. Sly Villaestiva performed Hindi Bollywood dance, La Cumbia was performed by the joined classes of Mrs. Nona Garcia and Mr. Joseph Allan Tepino, while an all-girls Spanish Flamenco and an all-boys Latin Dances were performed by the tandem classes of Mrs. Ma. Joselina Basa and Mrs. Barbara Cordova. Meanwhile, the Awarding Ceremony preceded the field demo where winners for the LitMus contests were recognized. For the Literary contest, College of Engineering won the Poster Making, College of Education for the Essay Writing, College of Information Technology for the Bible Quiz 2014, College of Education for the Mind Breakers and Impromptu English, College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences for the Impromptu Filipino, while College of Arts and Sciences bagged the winnings for Oration, Character Interpretation, Talumpati, and Binalaybay. For the Musical contest, Vocal Solo was won by the CBA, CIT for the Music Video, COEd for the Mass Dance while other colleges doubled-win the remaining awards. CNAHS won the Vocal Duet and Vocal Solo-Filipino Classical, CAS won the Group MTV and Druym&Bugle Corp, and COE won the Hiphop and College Teaser competition. The Most Popular Student Organization went to the MedLabs (2, 603 visitors), Top 3 was the CAS (90), Top 2 was the Civil Engineering (91.5), and Top 1 was the Chemical Engineering (94.6) in the Ultimate Campus Exhibit 2.0 Awards. The Awarding Ceremony concluded announcing the Over-all ranking of the different colleges where the CCJE placed as the 6th Runner Up, COE 5th Runner Up, CIT 4th Runner Up, CBA 3rd Runner Up, COEd 2nd Runner Up, CNAHs 1st Runner Up, and declaring CAS as this year’s U-WEEK Champion. (Kristel Anne Diaz)


The University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos held its 2014 Awards Night at the Main Lobby, September 13 at 7pm. This is an annual activity where retiring employees and those who have served the university for 10, 15, 20, 25, 35 and 40 years are recognized.

This year’s awardees are: Star of Tolentine Service Awardees: Eprol Z. Espinosa; Letecia A. Gayares; Chona M. Mascuñana; Ezer a. Ta-ala; Victoria R. Flores; Gabriela O. Francisco; and Cesar S. Lamasan. St. Ezekiel Moreno Service Awardees : (35th Year): Thelma P. Calderon; Freddie P. Parreño; Violeta J. Caunca; (30th Year) : Barbara Cordova; Liba B. Doza; Clarita T. Lacson; Villaflora S. Lorca; Leila T. Marba; Myrna A. Baynosa; Ma. Cristina M. Quillo; (25th Year) : Ivy G. Aboy; Yolanda E. Fernandez; Marlene V. Gelotin; Ma. Judy B. Legaspi; Ma. Luisa C. Papa; Lyn S. Villarente. Diwa Rekoleto Service Awardees: (20th Year) Cendyl S. Ayagan; Mary Jane M. Concel; Julio Jude S. Rosales; Mary Jane S. Barayoga; Maria Kanaway L. Blanco; Marilou G. Calaguing ; Norberto P. Sardito, Jr.; (15th Year ): Jovito D. Moral; Adelyn D. Sia; (10th Year): Sheila P. Arnibal and Rogelio P. Montinola.

Likewise, Outstanding employees were also recognized that evening. They are: Zero Absence/Zero Tardiness: Juen, Josette G. ; Golez, Teresita E.; Montinola, Rogelio P.; Javier, Rowela J.; Villanueva, Dominador, Jr. C. ; Fandida, Gerardo, Jr. D.; Lamasan, Cesar S.; Peñascoza, Bismark S.; and Talapiero, Rodelyn B. ; Outstanding Non-teaching Personnel: Escalona, Jesusa A.; Ganza, Luz Cielo C.; and Tamayao, Ma. Cristina V.; Outstanding Academic Non–Teaching Personnel:Francisco, Gabriela O. ; Outstanding Faculty: Prudente, Pinky R. (CAS); Gayares, Letecia A. (CB&A); Doruelo, Ma. Elena Y. (COEd); Bibangco, El Jireh P. (CIT); Sombero, Jean I. (CNAHS); Pedrosa, Genie U. (REEd); Palma, Nilda M. (Grade School); and Del Oeste, Marie Antonette L. (High School).