UNO-R celebrates U-WEEK

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The University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos will be celebrating its University Week this September 6-10, with the theme: “UNO-R: One Heart, One Family – Saving Mother Earth”.

Its essence is to increase the Recoletos Communitarian Spirit of Kindling the Heart, Probing the Mind and Enlivening the Spirit.

The celebration focuses on environmental stewardship which has been a continuing call of concern all over the world for environmental degradation has become a moral issue.

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Pope Benedict XVI in his 2010 World Day Message of Peace said that the church has a responsibility towards creation, and should consider it as her duty to be exercised in public life to protect earth, water, and air as gifts of God.

As a response, UNO-R initiated a greener campus and instituted the recycling of wastes; and continues to create innovative solutions and life-giving activities for Mother Earth through programs conceptualized by Bro. Jaazeal Jakosalem, OAR and some of his students.

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“Protecting the natural environment in order to build a world of peace is thus a duty incumbent upon each and all. It is an urgent challenge, one to be faced with renewed and concerted commitment…” as stated in If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation, no. 14.

Thus, the University is calling to make our hearts be for nature and be for peace, “UNO-R: One Heart, One Family – Saving Mother Earth.”

Major activities lined up on the first day (September 6) are: Opening Ceremony; Dancercise Presentation, Septenary Mass (ST. Nicholas of Tolentino), Sports, and Mr. and Ms. UNO-R 2010.

Other activities will be: Basic First-aid Training, CIT 2010, Drug Dependency: Its Implications on Mental Wellness, LENTE (Engineering Photography and Filmmaking Workshop), Seminar on Teenage Issues, Seminar on Criminalistics, Re-Pain IT, and ACCinehan: Anime Filmfest.

By: Thessa Alba BSMC IV

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