UNO-R U-Week 2009 holds Wits and Talents Contests

UNO-R U-Week 2009 features, beginning today, the battle of wits and talents in poster-making, multi-media programming, literary-musical, and videoke singing.

To challenge the creative power of the students in capturing the U-Week 2009 theme, “Kindling the Heart, Probing the Mind and Enlivening the Spirit,” the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA) sponsors the Poster-Making Contest at Plaza 1606, 9 am.

Simultaneously, the College Information and Technology (CIT) holds “IT’s in the Mind,” a multi- media programming contest which will include digital photography, digital imaging, design and implementation of a video spoof and an MTV.

The Grade School two-day LitMus 2009 and MassCom Department’s five-day videoke singing contest also starts today at the UNO-R Gym, 8 am, and UNO-R Accounting Shed, 3 to 5pm, respectively.


By Leslie, Bev, Maj, Erwin