Understanding Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act

Many are against the passage of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Act which is authored by Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, some could not even understand this legal term.

To give light on this law, the College of Criminal Justice Education will hold a seminar on Juvenile Justice “Resolution No. 4 pursuant to R.A 9344”, September 9, 2009

The free-for-all seminar, which is part of the 63rd U-Week celebration, will tackle two topics: The Examining Procedures on Initial Contact of Child in Conflict with the Law, and Legal Issues Confronting R.A 9344 or the Juvenile Justice Welfare code

Mrs. Sally S. Kalalang, instructor of the UNO-R College Criminal Justice Education, and Atty. Aaron Lirazan, Police Chief Inspector and Chief legal counsel of PNP Region VI will be the seminar speakers.


By Leslie Ann Tingson