UNO-R celebrates Heritage Tree Museum Day!

The University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos celebrates the Heritage Tree Museum Day on May 23, with the soft-launching of its Philippine Heritage Tree Museum and Environmental Sustainability Mini-Eco Park.

Highlighting the global significance of Philippine biodiversity conservation as its way of commemorating the 1st Anniversary of its Live Museum of Philippine Heritage Trees, the UNO-R@50 greening celebration participants last year will get together and invite all Environmental Stewardship advocates for a special gathering at Greenheart Hermitage inside its university campus.

From adopting the NOT-JUST-ANY-TREE, UNO-R will enhance it greening focus by also adopting the NOT JUST GREEN, BUT PHILIPPINE GREEN advocacy to include all the other indigenous plants which are also part of the Philippine green heritage.

Initiated by the university through its Environmental Stewardship Program called UNO-R + EDC Urban Greening Grow-a-Heritage Tree, the tree museum is situated along with the award winning and media featured solar-powered Earth Chapel, the Hanging Urban Garden on Recycled Plastic Bottles, the University Recycling Depot, the indigenous Stations of the Cross, and the Grotto of Our Lady of Environmental Stewardship at Greenheart Hermitage inside the campus.

With EDC, READS Scholars Alumni, UNO-R Alumni, and other interested organizations, groups and individuals who would like to support the establishment of its Mini-Eco Park, the university would eventually also put up the Eco-Museum and Greenheart Souvenir Shop, the picnic grounds and relaxation benches, and the environmental awareness signage and info-billboards.

UNO-R integrated into its own the DENR-ERBD objectives in the setting-up of a forest park. Thus, aside from ecological conservation, provision of health benefits, and spiritual upliftment, the Mini-Eco Park will also serve as live laboratory for instruction and research.#UCDO