Brgy. 40 Officials Inducted


The Barangay Officials of Brgy. 40 were inducted to office by Bacolod City Vice-Mayor Thaddy Sayson last Nov. 23, 2007 at Palmas del Mar Resort. UNO-R belongs to Brgy. 40 and the acting President, Fr. Sixto Bitangjol, OAR, witnessed the induction of officers of Brgy. 40.


Inaugural Address of Brgy. Captain Rocky Lizares


Today, we start our search for the new destiny of barangay 40.

We can look to the farthest that our eyes can see, and that is our horizon, the horizon of our dreams. Together, our common dream is to rebuild barangay 40 into a model barangay. A tourist destination, investment friendly, vibrant, peaceful and progressive. This is a big challenge, but we are sure that we shall overcome, and as a united people, realize our dream.


As we take our oath to serve, and be true and honorable citizen leaders, we also accept the mandate and the challenges that lie before us. The hallmarks of our governance will be anchored on honesty, transparency, cooperation, commitment, and consultative management.


Alone, there is not much that I can do. We will need your help, your continuing trust, your support, and your faith in us. We will also need much of your prayers. He who kneels down to pray is the tallest because he is the closest to God. We are aware of the hard task ahead. We need to have divine guidance and blessing in all the projects and undertakings that we will implement for the development of our barangay.


HELP in barangay 40 would also mean: H – Health, E – Education, L – Livelihood and P – Peace and Order. Education, as a power tool, is to be given priority by way of the possible establishment of a free barangay High School. This will be proposed to be approved by our City Government as an extension of the Bacolod City College. KUARENTA is the other centerpiece that we will resolutely work for. KUARENTA means: kauswagan uyon sa agresibo nga reporma sa edukasyon, nutrisyon, teknolohiya kag agrikultura. Today, these are mere slogans but in our tomorrow, they will be the transformation that will paddle our way towards a better life for all. The vehicle that we shall use in helping make all these come true is a barangay multipurpose cooperative. This community cooperative will be a major conduit for labor, employment, small businesses, trainings and technology transfer, a product and marketing agency, and as advisory component of the barangay development council.


Yes, we see a bright beacon light ahead. Doing things together means being one in mind and spirit. One in being a part of the process of building up from what we have today. The immediate task ahead may be confrontational, but we will not hesitate to do what must be done.


To eradicate graft and corruption, it will be ensured that all projects, activities and conduct of barangay officials are transparent, legal and above board. That our people should have all the opportunities to improve their status in life, socially, financially and spiritually.


To work for the increase in income of the barangay means that we have to campaign hard for payment to the barangay of what is due to the barangay. We hope to double our income within the first quarter of the year, and pray that all past due taxes are efficiently collected. We will need all the funds we can get because we aim to address the long neglected problems on drainage, safe drinking water facilities, footwalks, street lights, family health care, and peace and order.


Yes, we will need all the support and help that we can get. We are confident that given the aggressiveness that we have, we might just be able to achieve our goals within the three years of our watch and term.


Remember our slogan of unity and solidarity. A strong purok makes a strong barangay. A strong barangay help make a stronger city. Looking beyond the boundaries of our puroks, we see the urgent need for the city to come to our assistance. We will plead to them now, for their help and support. To our City Mayor, our Vice-Mayor, our Councilors and Heads of Offices. Ours will be a relationship that will not only be official but interpersonal and fraternal. After all, our dreams are also yours.


Sometime in the future, as age has inevitably crept upon us, we summon the best part of the years that passed us by, and bask in the legacy that we leave to the next generations. We will do so with humble pride in our hearts, because the common dream we shared was made a reality. Our children and grandchildren, (I have one already), as beneficiaries of our joint efforts and quest. Yes, I tell you that when that moment comes, I will proudly declare that all of the greatness and transformation of barangay 40 did not come without sacrifices, but with hard work and dedication. We have done it because it was destined to be so. In the end, not any one of us can say – no, not I alone, but together, we have done it.


As partners for development, for our barangay and our city, I hereby extend my official and personal felicitations to our guests and friends and, without any reservation, pledge my loyalty to the present administration headed by Mayor Bing, Vice-Mayor Thaddy and our City Councilors.


In behalf of the officials of barangay 40, I thank you all most sincerely for coming and breaking bread with us. I thank my wife, Annie and my children who will always be my inspiration. Also, my parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and special guests whose support I can always count on, thank you very much. Most of all, I thank very sincerely, the people of barangay 40 for their overwhelming response and for the confidence and trust they have reposed in us. To you all, our pledge and unwavering promise of unity, cooperation and good governance.


To God be the glory and may He bless us all.


Mabuhay ang KUARENTA!