A total of 43 officers from the different campus organizations of the university elected the new set of Campus Organization Federation officers for Academic year 2013-2014 last June 29 at TV203. The newly elected officers are: Erl Julen Tulod (COM) Chairman; Arman Dave Oliver Tan (KKK) – Vice Chair for Fraternities; Romelyn Alfonso(RAY)- VP for Religious Orgs.; Lerianne Mae Uguil (GENBUKIN) – Vice Chair for Academic Orgs.; Lendzy Mondejar (ECESS) – VP for Academic Orgs; Maricel Atillano – (SCAP) – Secretary; Ricky Jose Sarroza (DELTA EPSILON) – Treasurer; Nikko Nacion (JPICHE) – PIO; and Sarah Monica Esguerra (JPMA) – Auditor. This year’s COF adviser is Mr. Fritz Palma. COF is composed of 19 academic organizations; 3 non-academic organizations; 6 fraternities and 3 Religious organizations. The total number of organization under COF is 31. The organizations are given until July 15 to renew their accreditation. COF was created during the time of Rev. Fr. Antonio Limchaypo, OAR, where he desired that all organizations in the university shall be united and shall have common stand on issues regarding student governance. The federation was also created to be on-guard with the funds of the student body as disbursed by the student government. Past chairpersons of the COF include: Jan Rex Santillana(+); Charby Tasic, Bea Bachinela; 2Lt. Beljun Ray Tulod (PA); Krizelle Javellana, RMT; Benjie Placido; Vonn Carlo Marcelino and Phoebe Mae Perez.