UNO-R Sports Update

As of today , UNO-R got three championship awards on this year’s NOPSSCEA  in the category of Athletics(men) , Sepak Takraw(men )  and  Table Tennis(women).On Athletics-tertiary (women) & elementary girls are placed as 2nd runners-up.  Tertiary Chess (men & women) are awarded as 1st runners-up  with the secondary girls & boys as 3rd runners-up. Table tennis (men) got the  3rd place. On swimming,secondary (girls)  was 6th runner up . The elementary (girls)  was 2nd runner up in Taekwondo.  The volleyball (men & women) are 2nd runner up & 1st runner up ,respectively.  (Angelica Javellana, BSMC II  and data from Sports office)