63 teaching and non-teaching personnel

The 63 newly hired teaching and non-teaching personnel

With the theme of “DATS – UNO-R”, 63 newly hired teaching and non-teaching personnel attended. Development and Training Series (DATS) is a program of the Human Resource Management Office that orients the employees about the policies and guidelines of the university. First part of the DATS started last July 14, 2012. It tackled the Vision, Goals, Mission, Objectives, UNOFELA/CBA Matters and the UNO-R organizational structure, Leaves, Attendance, Policies and Sanctions. The second part (July 21, 2012) tackled Academic Matters, Faculty Manual, Registrar’s Office Matters, Proctorship, Grading Sheets, Policies and procedures in booking facilities, Transportations, Reproduction of teaching materials and test questionnaires. “DATS –UNO-R” will continue until August 11, 2012.