Grade School Swimmers Bag Golds

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Four elementary girls bagged gold medals in a swimming competition held at Panaad last June 23, 2007. The gold medalists in Swimming were  Tanya Chloe Rosales of Grade VI – Leo, Akita Villanueva of Grade VI – Leo, Angelie Guevarra of Grade VI – Aries and Roliza Louise Silbugan of Grade IV – Diamond.  Rosales was declared as the most bemedalled swimmer during the competition.


Rosales was also a gold medalist in the 2nd Philppine Olympic Festival in Iloilo Sports Complex last September 14-16, 2007. She got the gold medal in 200m IM relay,  bronze medals in 100m freestyle and in 100m breast stroke.



         Akita Villanueva

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       Tanya Chloe Rosales