The UNO-R READS (Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students) held their Literary and Musical Competition, February 23, 2019, at University Auditorium. There were six participating groups: Group 1 (Yellow Pop Groovers), Group2 (Green Jiggling Afros), Group 3 (Pink Polkables), Group 4 (Blue Dancing Discos), Group 5 (Red Retrotastic) and Group 6 (Purple Rolling Stones).  Winners for Literary Competition are Champion for Spoken Poetry Group 4 (Blue Dancing Discos), First runner up, Group 1 (Yellow Pop Groovers) and Second runner up Group 5(Red Retrotastic). In Character Impersonation, Champion – Group 6, First runner up – Group 2 and Second runner- up  – Group 5. For Commercial Film, Champion – Group 5, First runner-up – Group 1 and Second runner – up – Group 2. Meanwhile, in Musical Competition, winners in a capella Champion is Group 5, First runner- up is Group 4 and Second runner – up is Group 2. In hip-hop competition, Champion trophy went to Group 5, First runner- up is Group 2 and Second runner-up is Group 3.  In MTV Live, the Champion is Group 3 (Pink Polkables), First runner-up is Group 4 (Blue Dancing Discos) and Second runner- up is Group 2 (Green Jiggling Afros).   This year’s MR.& MS. READS 2019 are Melro Artus (Mr. READS 2019) and Amie Krysanthe Mae Acupan (Ms. READS 2019);  Mr. & Ms. Photogenic are Benjie Serato (Mr. Photogenic) and Amie Krysanthe Mae Acupan (Ms. Photogenic);  Best in Production Number are Joven Tingson (Male) and Mary Releen Mande (Female); People’s Choice Award went to Joven Tingson (Male) and Jayselle Rey Villavicencio (Female);  Best in Sports Attire are Jericho Gonzaga (Male) and Amie Krysanthe Mae Acupan (Female);  Best in Question & Answer are Joven Tingson ( Male) and Mary Releen Mande ( Female); and Best in Long Gown & Formal Attire are Melro Artus ( Male) and Mary Releen Mande (Female). (by: Johanne Bursky H. Reduble,BSMC-4 ,External Affairs Office Intern and data from Pia Mharty Acebuche)