The Research and Development Office (RDO) sponsored the 2019 University Research Expo with the theme; “ARISE – Advancing Recollect Intellect for Sustainable Engagement – Empowering the Impoverished” last April 3, 2019 at the President’s Hall. The day’s program had two parts. The first part is the Poster Presentation Competition which was held in the morning while the 2nd part was the Oral Research Presentation Competition. There were 13 groups who joined the Poster Presentation while there were seven, representing the colleges, who joined the Oral Presentation. In the Poster Presentation, the Bronze award went to College of Education. The Silver medal was awarded to the College of Arts and Sciences while the College of Allied Medical Health Sciences won the Gold. In the Oral Presentation, the College of Education got the gold while silver and bronze went to College of Information Technology and College of Engineering respectively. For the Student Research Publishable Article Catergory, the Gold award went to the College of Information Technology, Silver to the College of Education and Bronze to the College of Arts and Sciences. Judges were Dr. Cyche Hisona, Dr. Elvi Summer Idiosolo and Mrs. Chona V. Gosiaoco for the poster presentation while Mr. Paolo Hilado, Dr. Randolf Asistido and Dr. Ma. Elena Defallo for the Oral presentations.