The Planning and Quality Assurance office (PQA) held the Institutional Planning 2019 last April 22-23 at the President’s Hall. The Father President enjoined all religious and lay administrators to attend the activity through Memo no. 66. The activity opened with the opening formalities with Fray Ronel P. Gealon, OAR leading the prayer, Fray Don H. Besana, OAR for the Opening Remarks and Dr. Elmer Haro read the rationale of the activity. After which the whole day was devoted to the revisitation to the Nine Key themes which are Human Capital Management, Research Culture, Collaboration and partnership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Accreditation and Certification, Campus Sustainability, Program Marketing, Management Efficiency, and Evangelization. The day ended with the report on Manual updates and PAASCU interim visit report on administration and the Arts, Education and Business programs. The second day of the activity opened with the presentations of the Accomplishments, challenges and opportunities for A.Y. 2018-2019. The afternoon sessions were on the presentation of the calendar of activities for academic year 2019-2020 and the faculty-employee in-service training. Fray Jose Alden B. Alipin, OAR, Vice President for Academics closed the 2-day planning activity.