July 27, the 2013 Acquaintance Party and Induction of Ceremony of the Barrister’s Club of the UNO-R School of Law took place as part of the yearly rites for some 260 law students of the academic institution. Spearheaded by the sophomores as the host of the said Acquaintance Party, the activity also saw the attendance of Freshman, Junior & Senior law school students for school year 2013-14, and some alumni members like Atty. Jesus V. Hinlo Jr. and Atty. Elnora Abaygar as well as the core of the academic instructors led by Dean John Paolo Villasor. Those who graced the said affair were Don Salvador Benedicto Mayor Jomax Ortiz, UNO-R School of Law professors retired Judge Gorgonio Ybañez, Atty. Norman Saril City Prosecutor Ma. Mercedes Odango-Saril Atty. Japhet Masculino, Atty. Joselito Bayatan and Atty. Joseph Valencia. Hinlo, a private lawyer, was the inducting officer for the 2013-14 Barrister’s Club officers led by Rico Santotome Jr. (3rd year) as the president, Agnes Bermeo (2nd) as vice president, Claire Pedrosa (1st year) as secretary, Grace Benitez (4th year) as treasurer, Karen Sabandal (1st year) as business manager and Adrian Nemes III (1st year) as PIO. Atty. Jan Anthony Saril is still this year’s Barristers’ Club Adviser. Two alumni members of the UNO-R School of Law in the persons of Atty. Juliana Carbon, CEO-6 and general manager of the Bacolod City Water District and Atty. Arnel Lapore, CENECO Board of Directors president, delivered their respective inspirational message to the students during the program which started at 6:00 in the evening. Carbon reminded the School of Law students present during the affair about embracing discipline, doing what is right, taking every opportunity to help people, to dress, act and think like a lawyer, to have focus and avoid distractions, to save and prepare for one’s studies and the Bar Exams while relearning the English language and reviewing one’s grammar in order to become successful in the profession. On the other hand, Santotome stressed that under his leadership as Barrister’s Club prexy, their main objective right now is to amend the constitution and by-laws of the organization which is now 23 years old, having been formulated way back in 1980.

(Sunstar. Bacolod, July 29 )