School Of Law To Offer 1st Bar Review

The UNO-R School of Law will be offering the first Bar Review Course, organized under the Recoletos de Bacolod Bar Review Institute, Recoletos Law Center.  This is the first cooperative venture between and among the law schools of UNO-R, San Sebastian College-Recoletos (Manila), and the University of San Jose-Recoletos (Cebu).

Last year, the UNO-R School of Law organized a series of successful special lectures on remedial law, taxation, labor law, and bar-exam taking strategies.  This year, it will be offering the full Bar Review Course to prepare prospective UNO-R bar candidates for the eight (8) Bar Examination subjects they will be taking in September 2009.  The Bar Review Course will likewise be offered to continuing UNO-R law students.

The majority of the bar review lecturers will come from UNO-R, SSC-R Manila, University of the Philippines and USJ-R Cebu.  A number of lecturers will be invited from the Ateneo de Manila and San Beda College.  The Bar Review Course, to be conducted at the Fr. Cuenca Hall, commences April 15, 2009 and ends August 8, 2009.  (JPVillasor)