CIT to conduct Classroom Management through Moodle

Mr. Hubert Jay J. Lisas, faculty of the UNO-R College of Information Technology (CIT) and a Master of Science in Computer Science, will be conducting a seminar on Classroom Management through Moodle today, Sept. 9 at the St. Ezekiel Moreno Laboratory 8.

The seminar aims to technically and electronically integrate Recoletos education in the curriculum by helping UNO-R college faculties to create and maintain a computer-based course where online quizzes, lecture notes, gradebooks, and others can be accessed by students via the network.

“It’s like distance learning but leveraging Internet or Web Technologies for delivering content and services,” said Lisa. Since it is “compatible with almost all commercial online learning platforms like WebCT, so it is easy to implement and maintain since it has all the features needed,” he further said.

Moodle is an open-source (free) online learning environment platform that allows the faculty to setup and create an online learning environment or virtual classrooms, to augment the traditional classroom setting.

by Septie Rose A. Seraspe BSCS 4