Jermaine A. Lamboso graduates as class valedictorian for S.Y. 2011-2012. She is also the recipient of excellence in Mathematics, Science, Literary Award in Speech, Sen. Manny Villar Excellence Award, Diwa Excellence Award, REAP Medal of Excellence and UNO-R Award of Excellence. Christine Marie Aliermo is the class Salutatorian and recipient of DIWA Excellence Award, UNO-R Award of Excellence and the Sports Award. Ma. Jackelyn Sia and Toni Marie Chavez are the First Honorable and Second Honorable mention respectively. Sia and Chavez will also receive the UNO-R Award of Excellence. Mary Joy Ematong; Irrah Micah Su-ay; Charmane Joy Carmona; Mary Rose Teaño and Danica Jumayao will finish with honors and are also recipients of the UNO-R Award of Excellence. Carmona will also receive the Service Award together with Ma. Jesilou Dato-on. Neska A. Centina will receive the Iwag Award and the excellence in Campus Journalism while Val Anthony Garay is the recipient of the Tech Factors, Inc. Most Outstanding IT Student and the St. Nicholas of Tolentino Award. Vincent Carloe Lacson, Jose Raphael Manaloto and Jemar Xavier del Castillo will also receive the St. Nicholas of Tolentino Award and Dane Anthony Villanueva will receive the St. Cecilia Award in Music. Distinction in Scouting is given to Manaloto, del Castillo, and Villanueva.

Meanwhile, Angelica Louise S. Gomes leads the grade school pupils as she graduates with first honors. Gomes is also awarded as best in extra-curricular activities. Pamela Joy B. Lagansoa with second honors while Gian P. Jamandron,Kee P. Gelladula, Andrei John P. Ea, Reika Alexis E. Lizada, Charles Gabriel V. Gelotin, Marielle D. Makilan, June Paul S. Parreño, and Melyka Joyce C. Belgira. Pupils with ACADEMIC PROFICIENCY are Millennie Rose F. Casue; Schilona Gain L. Boco; Marielle S. Villarosa; Keilah Raj Y. Segovia; Hannah D. Britanico; Milamar Camille G. Jaype; Jercyline Keith G. Catalan;Andrea Bea J. Arca; Denrose V. Titong; Eljin Marie D. Desendario; Pauline Graceane D. Pa-oyon; Bliss Angelica D. Javier; Andrea Marie R. Uy; Jose Enrique O. Guimbal; Hilor Shine H. Lorenton; Ervin Jeremiah J. Mesa; Ana Sophia S. Señoron; Klodia Reese M. Gabaya; Myrthel Mae M. Maquilang and Kristen Gail B. Catalan. Belgira, Ea, Gelotin ,Gomes and Lagansoa are also cited as special awardees in Religion while Hannah D. Britanico with Arca, Belgira and Gomes are best in conduct. Arca, Belgira, Gelladula,Titong are awarded for good grooming. Gelotin and Jian P. Jamandron are best in literary. Best in MATHEMATICS are Ea, Lagansoa, and Makilan. Best in scouting are: GSP Andrea Bea J. Arca, Veronica Therese F. Avenido, Kee P. Gelladula, Angelica Louise S. Gomes, Jian P. Jamandron, Milamar Camille G. Jaype, Marielle D. Makilan, Myrthel Mae M. Maquilang, BSP: Rigel Kent M. Del Castillo, Andrei John P. Ea, June Paul S. Parreňo, Ralph Ian R. Puentespina, Leandro S. Turiano, Best in Art is Reika Alexis E. Lizada while best in Music is Jercyline Keith G. Catalan and June Paul S. Parreňo. TECHFACTOR Award is given to Charles Gabriel V. Gelotin. Best in sports: Delfin Eduardo A. Ballesteros –Taekwondo; Gyles Lucas P. Encabo and Arielle J. Reyes – football.
UNO-R High School Graduation will be on March 23 and the graduation of UNO-R Grade School will be on March 22, 2012