UNO-R High School Writers Top 2009 DSPC

Eight UNO-R High School students garnered a total of nine awards individually and the title of overall highest point (secondary level) in the Division Schools Press Conference held October 1-3 at Antonio L. Jayme Elementary School. In photojournalism, Charmaine Jane Martinez placed 7th in the Filipino Category while Kristel Kaye Dequillo made it to 3rd in English Counterpart Olive Joy Young placed 2nd in News Writing (Filipino) and Norman Baldomar did the same in Editorial Cartooning. Another winner (from the junior class) was Kristine Marie Gucio who was named 4th best in Copy Reading and Headlining (Filipino). Maxiegene Nonaillada, Sharlaine Mae Alteran and Shayne Exito all topped their respective categories of Editorial Cartooning (Filipino), Copy Reading and Headlining (English). Exito also got second place in Sportswriting (English). All eight students will advance to the Regional Schools Press Conference.