Grade School News 2010-2011

GS to face PAASCU  re-accreditation

The Grade School Department will be having  its 5th  PAASCU re-accreditation in its  level II on August 2-3, 2010 with its Faculty and Instruction as its most weighty areas,  along with Administration, Student Services,  Instructional Media Center, Laboratories and Facilities.

The department has been   undergoing PAASCU accreditation  since it started its self-survey in 1981, its formal survey in 1983, its first accreditation   in 1988, its second revisit  in 1993, its third revisit in 1999, and its fourth revisit in 2005.

Six to join Australian Math Competition

Six MTG trainees ( Mathematics Trainers Guild) took the qualifying examinations in Mathematics and were given the certificates:  Certificate of Credits

1. Pamela Joy Lagansoa

2. Joel Reuben Ricarse


Certificate  of Proficiency

1. Marielle Makilan

2. Kit Homer Taniongon


Certificate of Participation

1. Andrei John Ea

2. Jess Ann Marie Zamora


Grade School Receives a Plaque Of Recognition



Silay City  awarded a Certificate of Recognition to the Grade III class of UNO-R Grade School for its outstanding community outreach program for the children of the sugarcane workers of Hacienda Adela, Silay City. The said program brought about cultural and educational interaction leading to the awareness and understanding of both sectors in the reality of Negros society. The plaque of recognition was given by Mr. Ver  F. Pacete, the Tourism Officer of Silay City Tourism Division.