Grade School News (2009-2010)

  Five attend  Intensive Math training

Five pupils who were evaluated as Top scorers in the MTG were qualified for the intensive Mathematics Training held on March 26-29, 2010 in Balanga City, Bataan. They were Pamela Lagansoa, Joel Reuben Ricarse, Andrei John Ea, Marielle Makilan and Kit Homer Taniongon. Their parents and adviser, Mr. Parreno were with them.

Lagansoa tops Class 2010

Patricia  Joy Lagansoa  topped   Class 2010 with 150 graduates. Commencement Exercises was held at the UNO-R gym on March 23, 2010. Other honor pupils :

Graders  win MTAP, 2nd place

Eighteen   pupils from Grades I to VI joined the MTAP competition. Three groups were able to qualify in the final round – the Grade II, Grade IV and Grade V. The Grade V group did well during the final round.

They won 2nd place.       

Second Place – Grade V    – Crystzyl  P. Buada
Kit Homer M. Taniongon
Jess Ann  Marie D. Zamora

Finalists – Grade IV    – Pamela Joy B. Lagansoa
Reika Alexis E. Lizada
Marielle D. Makilan

Finalists   -Grade II   -E-J Marie T. De Paula
Reigen R. Placido
Jhola G. Villanueva



10 join Rotary Acad Excellence Contest

 Ten pupils joined the Academic Excellence Contest held at St. John’s Institute in January 30, 2010. It was an academic competition in four areas – Math : trained by Mr. Parreno and Ms. Gaureno, Science: trained by Ms. Alba, English: trained by Ms. Catalan and General Information: trained by Mrs. Papa. This contest was sponsored by Rotary South.

 Primary group –Semi-Finalists

Marielle Makilan
Pamela Joy Lagansoa
Andrei John Ea
Angelica Gomez
Charles Gabriel Gelotin


                             Intermediate group – Semi-Finalists

                                                                      Al Joshua Montelijao

                                                                     Kit Homer Taniongon



                                                                     Patricia Joy Lagansoa

                                                                     Charlene Grace Gelotin

                                                                      Crystzyl P. Buada 




Five to join RSPC

Five pupils will go to Iloilo for the Regional Schools Press Conference. They are Al Joshua Montelijao, Hervey Angelo Avenido, Harrl Joshua Edjan, Mary Gellianne Ebon, and Patricia Joy Lagansoa.

These children faced a journalism contest in Division level on October 3, 2009. The winners were:

Al Joshua  Montelijao- 2nd place -Editorial Cartooning  in Filipino; Hervey Angelo Avenido – 3rd place-Editorial Cartooning in English; Harrl Joshua Edjan – 3rd place – Sports Writing in English; Mary Gellianne Ebon – 4th place – Editorial Writing in Filipino; Patricia Joy Lagansoa- 6th place – Photojournalism in English; Aira Camille de la Banda -9th place Copy Reading & Headlining in English.

Bacolod City Division formed an organization called YOUNG JOURNALISTS ORGANIZATION  and two UNO-Rians were elected as officers – Charlene Grace Gelotin – Auditor and Connie Lou Sorgon as Board of Director.

A UNO-Rian teacher , MISS SHIELA TITO, was also elected as Auditor in SCHOOL PAPER ADVISERS ORGANIZATION of Bacolod City.



UNO-R to join National Math Olympiad

Four Elementary pupils will go to Iloilo for the national contest in Mathematics on Nov 28-Dec 2, 2009.

These pupils won 2nd place during the Regional Math Olympiad on Sept. 26, 2009 held at Trinity Christian School.

The future Mathematicians are Kervin Losanes, Al Joshua Montelijao, Kit Homer Taniongon and Jess Anne Marie Zamora.



UNO-R Elem , champion NOPSSCEA chess, athletics

Carmona, most bemedalled athlete

Sports-minded pupils in chess and athletics proved themselves in NOPSSCEA. The girls team was the champion in Chess and the boys team was the champion in Athletics.

They were:

Chess :  – Antonielle Kaye Berduque, Ryzel Marie Gasparillo,   Erika Kate Escaro, Crisnil Orbecido, Lourdes Angeline Sendico and May Ordaniel.





100 M
Gold Medalist: Mark Renier Carmona
Silver Medalist: Christian Danrielle Dagoy

200 M
Gold Medalist: Mark Renier Carmona
Silver Medalist: Jairo Laureño

800 M
Gold Medalist: John Thomas Miranda

1500 M
Gold Medalist: John Thomas Miranda

Long Jump
Gold Medalist: Mark Renier Carmona

1.5 km Walk
Gold Medalist: John Louie Desales
Silver Medalist: Jose Paolo Perez

Triple Jump
Bronze Medalist: Joshua Andrei Tueres

Silver Medalist: Ian Jim Calvo

4 x 100 M relay
Gold Medalist:
1. Mark Renier Carmona
2. Christian Danrielle Dagoy
3. John Thomas Miranda
4. Jairo Laureño

4 x 400 m relay
Silver Medalist:
1. Mark Renier Carmona
2. Christian Danrielle Dagoy
3. John Thomas Miranda
4. Jairo Laureño

Classical Relay
Silver Medalist
1. Mark Renier Carmona
2. Christian Danrielle Dagoy
3. John Thomas Miranda
4. Jairo Laureño

Other Team Members:

1.      Naren Jan Su-ay
2.      Marcel James Mangulabnan
3.      Vincent Luis Villaflor
4.      Harvey Angelo Avenido

Most Bemedalled Athlete: Mark Renier Carmona



Coach: Mr. Jojie Mondia

100 m
Silver Medalist: Lovell Rendaje

200 m
Silver Medalist: Lovell REndaje

1 km walk
Silver Medalist: Paula Andrea Jaranilla
Bronze Medalist: Norhainah Donato

4 x 100 m relay
Silver Medalist
1. Lovell REndaje
2. Gleb Joyce De Guzman
3. Paula Andrea Jaranilla
4. Norhainah Donato

4 x 400 m relay
Silver Medalist
1. Lovell Rendaje
2. Gleb Joyce DE Guzman
3. Paula Andrea Jaranilla
4. Norhainah Donato

Classical Relay
Silver Medalist
1. Lovell Rendaje
2. Gleb Joyce De Guzman
3. Paula Andrea Jaranilla
4. Norhainah  Donato

Bronze Medalist: Jievan Joy Gallo

Discus Throw
Bronze Medalist       – Jievan Joy Ga

Other Team Members:

1.      Partricia Joy Lagansoa
2.      Sarah Grace Tasic



10 girl scouts join Regional GSP jamborette

Ten Junior  scouts join the Regional Senior, Junior and Cadette  Encampment on Oct. 24-29, 2009 at Camp Marina, Capitol Hills, Cebu City with the theme “ JOIN IN REACH-OUT  and ENRICH LIVES”

The ten Junior Scouts were: Mary Gellianne Ebon, Menas Monica Pesebre, Mary Hope Sumalde, Anna Teresa Sumpay, Cyan Nicole Alejano, Charlene Grace  Gelotin, Danielle, Angela Tanoso, Lindsey Marie Villanueva and Jess Anne Marie Zamora.

The purpose of this jamborette was to expose the girls to activities and challenges to develop within them the sense of responsibility to help them become useful citizens.

The girls were accompanied, guided and supervised by their troop leaders – Ms. Mary Jane Machan and Mrs. Lucille Montalvo.


31 boy scouts join Local Council Jamborette

Thirty-one boys scouts  joined the Local Council Jamborette at Alangilan on Oct. 27-31, 2009 with the supervision of their Boy Scout leaders – Mr. Freddie Parreno, Mr. Peter Jaena, Miss Nice Joy Anuran and Ms. Liezl Yulo.

Activities and challenges were faced by the boy scouts with positive attitude to get the badges that they should earn for their advancement.

Good traits were developed during the jamborette- sense of responsibility, self-reliance, cooperation, unity and all other traits that a true boy scout should possess.


Mohler, champion Nat’l Graders Convention

Angelic Mohler of Grade V-Gemini won as the champion in OPM Singing Contest “Sana  Maulit Muli”. during the National Graders Convention-CMLI (Children’s Museum and Library Inc.)  in Baguio City.

Eight pupils won 3rd place in Radio Drama. They were Mary Gellianne Ebon, Harrl Joshua Edjan, Al Joshua Montelijao, Hervey Angelo Avenido, Patricia Joy Lagansoa, Michelle Marie Mabaquaio, Clarise Kyel Deto-on and Anna Teresa Sumpay.

Clarise Kyel Deto-on won 3rd place in Poetry Writing and Mary Hope Sumalde made it as a finalist  in declamation.

Other participants were Connie Lou Sorgon , Angela Madamesila , Liana Rose Sarmiento and  Kervin Losanes.

The group was accompanied, guided and supervised by the Non-Academic Leader, Miss Mary Jane Machan and Miss May Demegillo.

 Principals  visit schools in Thailand

The principals and the assistant principal of the High School and Elementary departments went through a learning experience in Bangkok, Thailand from Aug.27-29, 2009.

Rev. Fr. Sixto Bitangjol, OAR –the High School principal; Mrs. Rosaline Gustilo, the High School assistant principal and Mrs. Sunya Phi Sumalde, the principal of the Elementary Department, together with other principals of private schools throughout the country met with the Minister of Education of Thailand and talked about their new curriculum ,the UbD (Understanding by Design).

The group was accommodated at Amari Watergate Hotel , had a short talk with the Minister of Education of Thailand, had a half-day city tour and took their dinner at the 78th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel during the first night of Aug. 27.

The group visited an Elementary School in the morning of Aug. 28, KOSIT SAMOSORN SCHOOL with Madame Wanna, Thailand’s Minister of  Education. The teachers and pupils welcomed the group  with native songs & dances and a mini play about care for environment all wearing their Thailand costume. English is not taught in the elementary. Pupils and many teachers could not communicate in English. Madame Wanna and an English –speaking teacher   became the interpreters during the interaction. After witnessing the realities and challenges in practicing learner-centered Education o f such school, the group took a boat ride to Royal River Hotel for lunch enjoying the international buffet with free flow softdrinks.

The school visit continued in the afternoon at PHOTISARNPHITAYAKARN SCHOOL,  a secondary school where all students could speak and could communicate in English. The students welcomed the group with the instrumental of a Filipino song “Anak”. During the interaction, it was known that seven of their teachers were Filipinos earning 35 thousand baht monthly.The same realities and challenges were witnessed by the group about the practice of a learner-centered Education. After the school visit, the group had their dinner at Oishi  Restaurant enjoying the Japanese buffet with free flow softdrinks.

This learning experience was sponsored by the Phoenix Publishing House, Inc.  



The Elementary department celebrated the Living  Rosary and the Angels’ Day on Oct.15, 2009 at UNO-R gym.

The Living Rosary was done in the morning with a stage presentation of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Activities such as poster making, Angel Doll making, Rosary making, Dress-up  an Angel Contest and Angel Dance Contest were participated in by majority of the pupils. Pre-Elementary pupils  participated by wearing an angel costume and  sang “I HAVE A DREAM”.

The purpose of the Living Rosary activity is to instill in the mind of the pupils the belief of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to make them aware of their  Marian-inspired spirit.





 “The Singer-Performer”

June Paul, 10 years old, a Grade IV – Gold pupil came from a family of good singers. He has been performing in different places like Manila, Antipolo, Roxas, Boracay, Mindanao and this November in Singapore. He will be performing next year in Thailand and Australia.

Lucky is June Paul who has very supportive parents. His music will bring him to the pinnacle of fame. Good luck Paul, just remember “Stay as humble as you are” That’s a tatak UNO-Rian.







“The Singing Champion”

Angelic, 11 years old, a Grade V-Gemini pupil,  joined so many singing contests and finally the National Graders Convention OPM Singing Contest in Baguio City.



Angelic got very supportive parents and lola who look after her singing ability .

Sing to your highest star and be another star in the field of music, however, stay humble. That’s a tatak UNO-Rian.







Elected as the Auditor in School Paper Advisers Organization of Bacolod City

Miss Tito was elected as Board of Director last year in the same organization. She is presently the co-adviser of the Blue Torch. She has been teaching in the Elementary Department for four years.




Elected as Board of Director for  Visayas  in  Teacher-Advisers  Association of the Philippines, Inc. (TAAPI-CMLI), Baguio City.


Miss Machan has been teaching for 15 years in UNO-R Elem. Dept. She is the newly appointed Non-Academic leader and the Discipline Officer . She is an active GSP troop leader who went with the Junior girl scouts to Cebu. She was also tasked to accompany the CMLI delegates to Baguio City.





 “Most Outstanding ANTP 2009”

Ms. Galve is the Guidance Counselor for Grades IV-VI.  She has been the Guidance Counselor in the Elementary Department for   11  years. She is about to submit her thesis book with the title “ TEACHERS’ INTERVENTION ON PUPILS’ PREVALENT PROBLEMS” and soon will receive the title as Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling. What made her an outstanding ANTP for 2009 were her unselfish services to the department and to  the school as a whole. She never counted the overtime she spent in the PTA as the secretary  for two years, in the UNOFELA,in the PAASCU,  as chairperson of many committees assigned to her, as the editor of many reports and letters, as a speech writer, as a GSP troop leader, as the president of the Elem . Faculty Club, as the dept,’s researcher,  as the faculty fieldtrip planner, … and all these were beyond her duty as a Guidance Counselor.




“Most Outstanding Elem. Faculty 2009”

Ms.  Gelotin  has been teaching in the Elem. Dept for 20 years. She has been the Subject Leader in Religion for six years. She has been the chairperson of the Community Outreach Program of the department for several years. Mrs. Gelotin  is about to submit her thesis book entitled “THE EFFECTIVENESS OF RELIGION INSTRUCTION AS PERCEIVED BY THE GRADE VI PUPILS AND FACULTY OF UNO-R: AN ENRICHED RELIGION CURRICULUM” and she will be receiving her title soon- as Master of Arts in Religious Education.

What made her outstanding were her punctuality of coming to school beyond the required time. She has been coming to school as early as 6:30 a.m. ,her  varied programs in Religion area are appreciated and implemented—- the praying of the Holy Rosary every Monday, the Angelus every dismissal in the morning, the praying of the 3 oclock prayer, the Wednesday Mass, the  First Friday Devotion and the Mass sponsorship every second Sunday of the month, her    Angels’ Day and Living Rosary every October, her COM and the regular confession of the children.

Mrs. Gelotin is  also in– charged of the Community Outreach Program of the dept. She could make all teachers get involved in the activity. She is a good planner and a diligent implementor.  

Campus Winners in DSPC

The elementary department young journalists grabbed another recognition during the Division Schools Press Conference held at AJ Jayme Elementary School, Bacolod City last October 3, 2009. This Press conference promote healthy competition and develop skills in writing.

The following winners are:

2nd place: Al Joshua Montelijao – Editorial Cartooning in Filipino
3rd place: Hervey Angelo Avenido – Editorial Cartooning in English
3rd place: Harrl Joshua Edjan – Sports Writing in English
4th place: Mary Gellianne Ebon – Editorial Writing in  Filipino
6th place: Patricia Joy Lagansoa – Photojournalism in English
9th place: Aira Camille dela Banda – Copy Reading and Headlining in  English

Young journalists organization of Bacolod City:

Auditor: Charlene Grace Gelotin
Board of Director: Connie Lou Sorgon

School paper advisers organization of Bacolod City:

Auditor: Ms. Shiela Tito



Literary Musical Tilt

The elementary department managed to shine in the NOPSSCEA Literary Musical Contest 2009 last October 2009 held at USLS Gymnasium, Bacolod City by the following winners:

Maria Angela Tañoso
3rd Place – Declamation Filipino

Catherine Niedes
Finalist – Vocal Solo Pop

Our warmest Congratulations!!!


The future mathematicians…..

Think Quick, Quick mind!!!

The elementary department garnered another winners in Regional Math Olympiad held at Holy Trinity Christian School last September 26, 2009.

The following pupils are: Kervin Losanes, Al Joshua Montelijao, Kit Homer Taniongon, Jess Anne Marie Zamora. Their substitutes are: Menas Monica Pesebre and Joel Ricarse.

Truly joining forces and sharing ideas give positive outcomes for they will compete for National Math Olympiad on November 28 – December 2, 2009 in Iloilo City.

May their example inspire all of us to aim for a higher rank in th world of Mathematics.  Let us give special thanks for the parents who give their best for these children.  Our support and encouragement will always be with you.

God bless you!!!!


Keep shining on, Unorians!!!

It is indeed another achieving step for our elementary department young writers to be the top performers in Journalism sponsored by NOPSSCEA for advanced campus journalism workshop held at Queen of Peace School Airport Subdivision, Bacolod City last September 26 – 27, 2009.

The following pupils are:

Mary Gellianne Ebon – Editorial writing in Filipino

Aira Camille dela Banda – Copy Reading and Headlining

Ana Teresa Sumpay – Feature writing in English

Patricia Joy Lagansoa – Photojournalism in English

Al Joshua Montelijao – Editorial Cartooning in Filipino

Hervey Angelo Avenido – Editorial Cartooning in English

Together with their advisers, Ms. Sheila Tito and Mrs. Sunya Phi Sumalde, our school principal, the group will compete for Division Schools Press Conference ( Division Level ) at Jayme Elem. School – Mansilingan, Bacolod City on October 1 – 3, 2009.  Let us continue giving our support and prayers  for more achievement during the said competition. Their glorious victory will be our great joy and pride.

Keep moving forward……


Grade school Boy Scout of the Philippines ( BSP ) registered 226 KAB Scouts from Grades 1 – III. 232 Boy Scouts from Grades Iv – VI, 16 Scout masters and 1 institutional head.

Kawan leaders and Scouters are set to undergo BTC training on September 18 – 20, 2009 at ABKASA Elementary school.

BTC training equips the Kawan Leaders and serves as a refresher course for the old ones in conducting scouting activities and it exposes leaders to outdoor activities.

Other activities of the different units include the investiture of Grades I, IV and transferees, backyard camping, jamborees, advancement of scouts, school and community service.

Events to look forward to this University Week

The elementary department will celebrate its Literary Musical Contest on September 7 and 8, 2009 at UNOR – Gymnasium with the following activities:

September 7, 2009: Part I

Morning:         Pre – Elem. – Elocution, Vocal Solo, Lip Sync and Pop Dance.

                       Levels I & II ( Grades 1 – 6 ) – Tula and Extemporaneous Speech

Afternoon:      Pre-Elem – Field Demonstration at 3:30 p.m.

September 8, 2009:     Part II

Morning:         Level I & II ( Grades 1 – 6 ) – Declamation English and Filipino, Lip Sync

                                                                 – Creative Native Dance

Afternoon:      Levels I & II ( Grades 1 – 6 ) – Vocal Solo and Pop Dance

You are invited to come and see this unforgettable event of the year!!!

Mathematics: Cream of the Crop

The following pupils passed the 2009 – 2010 Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program Qualifying Examination given last July 25, 2009.

Selected pupils from grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 successfully made it to the top. The following are:

Catherine Niedes, Paul Oliver Sidayon, Andrei John Ea, Pamela Lagansoa, Marielle Makilan, Aldwin John Hablo, Joel Reuben Ricarse and Kit Homer Taniongon.

Carry on and Congratulations!!!!



PTA General Assembly

July 19, 2009
UNO-R Auditorium


8:00 a.m.
Mass at the oratory

Opening Prayer
Mrs. Marlene V. Gelotin

Pambansang Awit

Welcome Message
Mrs. Sunya Phi E. Sumalde
Principal, Elementary Department

President’s Report
Mrs. Ma. Judy B. Legaspi
PTA President, S.Y. 2008-2009

Treasure’s Report
Mrs. Carmel F. Ibe
PTA Treasurer

*Reading of the Guidelines for the Open Forum

* Open Forum

Introduction of the Supervisor, Safety and  Security Department

Chairman: Ms. Rizah Ann P. Panaligan (with Faculty Representatives)

Presentation of Newly-elected Officers
COMELEC Chairman

Final Registration

Emcee: Mrs. Lucille A. Montalvo


The Sports & Cultural Awardess

Grade I – A
Bronze Medalist
50 meters Breast Stroke
50 meters Free Style
3rd Monsignor’s Cup 2009
Pana-ad Pool, Bacolod City
June 27, 2009

Grade IV – Gold

RANDIZ Young Singers for Negros
Perform in Singapore, Thailand & Australia

Drawing Contest Participants:
Environment Month
Theme: “ If you care… Do your share.”
SM Event Center
June 25, 2009


2. MICAH GAREZA – III – Everlasting