Angels in the Grade School

The Elementary Department will hold the Living Rosary and Angels’ Day on Friday, October 3, 2008 in the university gym. The purpose of this activity is to instill in the minds and hearts of the pupils the love for Mother Mary and the existence of the guardian angels that are sent by heaven to guide God’s most beautiful creation – the man.

Starting July, the Grades IV, V and VI pupils were assigned wards from Grades I,II and III . They see and talk to each other. They develop friendship through simple conversations. And come October 3, the day they are looking forward to, everyone is just too excited to give each other his homemade angel’s card and enjoy the whole day in each other’s company.

There will be a Mass in the morning to be held in the gym. After the Mass, the Living Rosary will follow. Then the pupils will have their angels’ games and contests like “Dress up an Angel Doll”, “Angel Dance Contest” and “Dress up an Angel”. Religion teachers will supervise their pupils. Prizes will be awarded to deserving winners.