The College of Engineering Tigers is declared the champion in the recently held College Sportsfest 2019. The College got a total of 470 pts, followed the College of Criminal Justice Education with 285 pts in the 2nd slot while landing third is College of Business and Accountancy with 275 pts, followed by the College of Allied Medical Health Sciences with 225 pts; College of Education with 210 pts; College Arts and Sciences with 190 pts and College of Information Technology with 40 pts. The College of Engineering emerged champion in all events except Table Tennis- Women for it was dominated by the College of Criminal Justice Education.

Named as Most Valuable Players were:
Melvin Estacio – Athletics men
Gavrielle Gold Murillo – Athletics women
Jett Joquino – Basketball men
Gavrielle Gold Murillo – Basketball women
Daniel de los Reyes – Chess men
Alana Bustamante – Chess women
Jonathan Mueda, Jr. – Table Tennis men
Cenia Marie Camarines – Table Tennis Women
Philip Tolimao – Volleyball men
JC Mae Atienza – Volleyball women
Christian Louie Don – Football men
Alana Bustamante – Football women

The Awarding Ceremony and Latin-Dance Sport Competition was held at the University gym, 2 pm , February 16, 2019.