The UNO-R College of Engineering faculty held its annual Team Building and Strategic Planning Activity last April 22-23, 2016 at Mambukal Mountain Resort. Plans and activities for the coming academic year were discussed to fully prepare for the changes that will be brought about by the K-12 program and PAASCU Accreditation. The purpose of the activity was to build lasting camaraderie among the faculty members, as well as give their hardworking mentors a time to relax and recharge. The said college also discussed how the election fever is raging hot and a mock election was held among those in attendance for the top two positions in the country. There were twenty-three in attendance, where twenty-two (22) voted and one (1) abstained, wherein 48% of the majority voted for Mar Roxas as their President. 30% voted for Duterte, 9% for Poe and Santiago and none for Binay. Meanwhile, 65% of the majority also voted for Leni Robredo as their Vice President. 17% voted for Cayetano, 4% for Escudero, Marcos and Trillanes and none for Honasan. (news from the College of Engineering)