College of Engineering Gets Perpetual Trophy

The College of Engineering is 2014 champion in the recently held Sportsfest and this made them covet the Perpetual Trophy. College of Business and Accountancy (CB&A) and College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) are ranks 2nd and 3rd. College of Information Technology (CIT); College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); College of Nursing, Medical Technology and Pharmacy (CNMP) and College of Education (COEd) land 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place respectively. MVPs for the different events are : Vicente Deloso III (COEN) – Athletics men; Decemae Tindog (CCJE) –Athetics women; Joel Rojo (CBA) – Basketball men; Ereka Duran (COEN) – Basketball women; Renan Espelita (COEN) – Chess men; Clarissa Fatima Alova (CBA) – Chess women; Erwin Bercide (COEN) – football men; Aimee Gilbuena (CBA) – football women; Carlo Gaspan (COEN) – Table Tennis men; Ann Giggette Valero (CBA) – Table Tennis women; Jun Allan Mendoza (CBA) – Volleyball men; and Normie Lynn Tabujara (CNMP) – Volleyball women. (data from the sports office)