The tigers roared once more as they celebrated the Engineering Days 2013 with this year’s theme “E-Find Ways”. The said event was divided into four major activities participated by the different Organizations from the College of Engineering such as the ACES (Association of Civil Engineering Students), COMESS (Computer Engineering Students Society), ECESS (Electronics and Communications Students Society), EESO (Electrical Engineering Students Organization), FESO (Freshmen Engineering Students Organization), JPICHE (Junior Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers) and MESS (Mechanical Engineering Students Society). The activity was official opened last July 24, 2013 at the UNO-Recoletos St. Joseph Bldg. Lobby (Engineering Lobby) in which everyone, in one spirit, was welcomed by the Father of the College, no other than Engr. Christopher Taclobos. Following the opening program were the Math Quiz 2013 participated by the selected Neophytes from 8 different sections and the E- Challenge composed of Different Mind-breaking games such as Rubik’s Cube, Text Twist, Sudoku, Four Pics One Word and Pinoy Henyo, which were actively joined by the different organizations.

The Second wave of the E – Days 2013 took place last July 26, 2013 at the University Auditorium wherein the different organizations showcased their talent in various Musical Events such the Group MTV, Celebrity Duo, Commercial Spoof, Kalokalike, Pop Dance, E Can Play (String and Non – String Category) and Acoustic Jam. After exposing their mental abilities and hidden talents, the third wave of this event challenged the physical strengths of the soon to be Engineers by the “Laro ng Lahi” Competition held at the University football field last July 31,2013, in spite of the heavy rain. Some of the activities were the Modified Sack Race, Chinese Garter, E-Catch Pig and Tug-of-War. As a culminating activity, the whole College of Engineering celebrated its annual tradition of welcoming 2nd year Engineering Students to their respective organizations. The Engineering Acquaintance Party 2013 took place at the Soleo Beach Resort, San Enrique, Neg. Occ. Last August 3, 2013. As part of the program during that day was the unveiling of the results of the various competitions wherein the ACES was held as this year’s overall champion followed by the EESO and MESS for 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up Respectively. The whole activity was successfully spearheaded by the Engineering Student Council with the full support of the whole Engineering Faculty and Staff, different Organizations, the Module and the Delta Epsilon Fraternity and Sorority.