COED Holds College Days 2014

The College of Education held their annual College of Education Day 2014, August 06, at the University Gymnasium with the Theme: “Education: Shifting gears towards excellence, moving forward with noble Competence”. The program started a Eucharistic Celebration. Dr. Nena P. Samillano, Dean of the college, gave her welcome remarks to the Education Students. The participants were categorized into year levels: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Senior who competed for: Binalaybay, Comedy skit, Oration, Impromptu, classical piece interpretation, Vocal Solo, Vocal Duet, Pop Dance, MTV – live. The Literary-Musical Over-all Champion is Second (2) year Level. Named as 2014 Mr. and Ms. Education 2014 are John dale Mateo, BSEd Bio. Sci. and Sarah Therese Jardenil, BEEd-Sped. Jardinel is also named as the Ms. Photogenic. First runner-up are Joseph Rudy Cornel (BSEd Math) and Lady Bird Aragon (BEEd English), and second runner-up are Nikko Sabillon (BSEd Mapeh) and Pearl Angeli Portuguez (BSEd Mapeh). The Program ended at 8:30 pm. (Plinky Garcia, BSMC 2)