The College of Criminal Justice Education produces Thirty (30) New Criminologists. They passed the Criminologist Licensure Examination last December 4-6, 2023. Three (3) of these passers are from ETEEAP, which garnered the 100% passing percentage again. The first takers got a 51.85% passing rate, and the overall school performance was 34.48%. The new registered Criminologists are:

Jerry Lou P. Agravante;

Nestor G, Aguilar,Jr.;

Carlos O. Banibani;

Jeen Marie Beeth Q. Batayola;

Christian James R. Ca-ang;

Alexandra DC Caldit;

Josiah Philip A. Cantero;

Krimhild G. Catipay;

Lloyd Rey L. Eguid;

Erick John P. Federico;

Jaycelle Marie A. Ferrer,

Keith A. Francisco;

Dee O. Gabatanga;

Ryan Jason M. Genton;

Theresa D. Gubatayao;

Justin B. Labergas;

Jessa Mae L. Martir;

Paolo S. Mayo;

Joseph Bryll R. Mendoza,

Ernie Jo B. Montebano;

Ina Marie S. Muesco;

John Clyde E Muesco;

Diony S. Pabiania, Jr.;

Ruhamah A. Ravello;

Charmaine A. Salazar;

Roan E. Vargas;

Arjie L. Villanueva.


Jose Edrohil C. Cimafranca;

Joey C. Mara; and

Tiffany Jane L. Pascua.