The Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) conducted an “Information Drive” with the CCJE students, July 5, 2019, at the University Little Theater. This is a yearly activity of the PNPA to market the academy to the aspiring students, who want to join the tri-bureau (PNP, BJMP and BFP) with an initial rank of Lieutenant. The spokesperson of the Visayas team is former UNO-R Criminology student, Cadet Lorenzo Martinez who is now on his 4th year in the academy (first class cadetship); together with him is Cadet Erwin Batadlan. They were welcomed by the CCJE faculty, Ms. Loriejen Fidelson, Ms. Gladys Estrellanes and Mr. Edwin Moradilla, Dr. Carlos Eduardo I. Legaspi, Jr., our External Affair Director and Mr. Mars Olea, the university Security officer. (news from CCJE)