Five Alumni of the College of Criminal Justice Education and 5 ETEEAP Alumni were recently promoted to the rank of Police Lieutenant via Lateral Entry. The BS Criminology alumni are:
Lt Edgardo M. Ablando, Jr. (2004);
Lt Dante N. Balenario (2005);
Lt Arturo A. Margallo, Jr. (2005);
Lt Lanie S. Deriada (2006); and
Lt Aileen Lacrete (2006)
while the ETEEAP alumni are:
Lt Gina Fernandez (2013);
Lt Sammy A. Gasataya (2013);
Lt Hector D. Ayagan (2014);
Lt Lindsey G. Carabale (2016) and
Lt Elwood T. Ebona (2018).
Congratulations. (Data from CCJE)