CCJE bags 2014 Atubangay Rekoleto Championship

Champion: CCJE champion debaters with Mr. Gayoles and Ms. Jabasa (trainers); Raxel Ann Gonzales; CCJE debating team and Shad Roi de la Cruz.

February 12, 2014- The College of Criminal Justice Education Debate Team emerged as Champions of the Atubangay Rekoleto: a University-wide Debate Competition which was held at the UNO-R Auditorium. After weeks of debate rounds for the elimination levels, the CCJE Debate Team (with speakers Ma. Tiffany Cabigon, Mark Ayala and Irish Flores, and researchers Jedan Bryl Esleyer and Stephen John Dela Cruz) defended the Negative Side of the Proposition:’ Let it be resolved that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) be banned in the Philippines’, versus the College of Engineering for the Affirmative Side during the Championship round. The Debate was judged by VP-Academics Fr. Jorge Peligro, OAR, VP-Religious Affairs Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR and Dr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi Jr. Mr. Wesley Espinosa moderated the said debate round, as well. Both special awards for the Best Speaker and the Best Debater were garnered by CCJE Debater Ma. Tiffany Cabigon, who was the 1st Negative Speaker during the said round. The CCJE Team received a cash prize, certificates of recognition and a Perpetual Trophy which they will be defending in next year’s competition. UNO-Recoletos Debate Society Founder and incumbent President, Raxel Ann Gonzales, expresses her delight as to how the series has turned out. “I am very happy with the success of Atubangay Rekoleto and I’m glad that the different departments have showed their support to us from start to finish. I congratulate this year’s winners and all the participants and working committees for a job well done,” Gonzales said at an interview. The Atubangay Rekoleto University-wide Debate Competition is brought to you by the UNO-Recoletos Debate Society.

(Justin Niño Tabligan)