RAY Culminates 1st Catechetical Activity

The Recollect Augustinian Youth “RAY” conducted their Culmination for the “Catechesis 2014“ for the Beginner’s, First, and Post Communicants 28th day of May 2014, at the Green Heart Hermitage. The members of the RAY together with Rev. Fr. Louie F. Gabinete, OAR and Ms. Luz Cielo Ganza, the Program was made Successful. Spreading the good news to the children of the Kariton Recoleto Vendors was the main object of the program. The Catechesis program opened May 6 and ended May 24, 2014. RAY and the children meet every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Children were taught how to Pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and Apostles’ Creed, and who is Blessed Virgin Mary, and on how to Pray the Holy Rosary and most especially who is Our God. (Plinky Garcia)