The afternoon of May 31 started with a 3 pm Concelebrated Mass with Rev. Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR as Presider and Homilist. This was a Thanksgiving Mass for the Blessed Mother. Incidentally, it was also the feast of the Visitation. In his homily, he stressed the role of the Blessed Mother in the salvation history of man. The Mass was also a kick off of the 1st Santacruzan sa UNO-R sponsored by: the Blue and Gold Alumni Association, the University administration represented by the Office the VP Religious Affairs and the Campus Ministry Office, and the UNO-R Supreme Student Government. The afternoon started with showers but with the prayers and deep faith in God, the showers stopped at the beginning of the procession at around 5:30 pm. Fr. Cornelio Moral, Santacruzan sa UNO-R Chairperson led the coronation of the Blessed Mother and the community followed by offering flowers and candles to her. It was a “star-studded” affair as the whole entourage of beauties was led by Judge Lorna Demonteverde as Emperatriz escorted by Dean John Paolo Villasor and this year’s Reyna Elena is Maria Inez S. Benedicto. Fr. President gave the closing message by quoting his predecessors saying “Pueblo amante Maria” is manifested that night. Early Recollect missionaries found the Philippines to be a land that loves the Blessed Mother and that Santacruzan sa UNO-R is a manifestation that the love for Mary is still alive. He told those present that he will tell the Father Prior General that this is a concrete program of the revitalization of faith at UNO-R. He congratulated Fr. Cornelio Moral ,OAR and Dr. Angelus C. Diamante for a job well done.