Rev. Fr. Cornelio Moral, OAR met the Religious Coordinators last August 8 and finalized the plans for the celebration of the Feast of St. Ezekiel Moreno on August 19, 2012. As agreed, a donation box for cancer survivors shall be distributed per college and will be offered on the Feastday Mass. The tradition of “Walk for Healing” continue. Assembly time will be at 5:30 at the Capitol Lagoon. The walk shall culminate with the Healing Mass with Rev. Fr. Jorge Peligro, OAR at the University Gymnasium. Fr. Moral reminds everyone that this is a religious affair and all are enjoined to attend and participate in the activities. Meanwhile, the Novena Masses for St. Ezekiel Moreno has started last August 10 and will run until August 18. Please refer to the schedule of sponsorship for the Novena.

(Mr. Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr. – PRO)