REED Calls for “Cell Phoneless Day”

“To give face” to the virtues of self – denial, charity and prayerfulness that were the hallmarks of the life of St. Nicolas de Tolentino , the Religious Education (REED) Department is sponsoring the “Cell Phoneless Day” on the Feast of  St. Nicholas of Tolentine on September 10, 2008.

This activity aims to make the REED students experience the peace and happiness that they could feel as they live the virtues of self – denial, charity, and prayerfulness and practice them in the light of today’s social and economic realities. During the “Cell Phoneless Day”, the REED students would deny themselves of the pleasure and convenience of a cell phone and practice charity by donating money they could save from not buying “e – load” to two major beneficiaries: Napoleon Carriedo, once an official photographer of the University during special events who got disabled and incapacitated to work due to diabetes, and Jan Ray Gabriel Pedrajas, a baby boy badly needing our help due to liver disorder.