HM International Interns granted US Visa

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Four students of the Hospitality Management (HM) Department of the College of Business and Accountancy were granted last January 27 their U.S. visas in line with their application for the U.S. Practicum/Cultural Exchange Program at Seaworld and Discovery Cove in San Antonio, Texas starting March 2009.

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                              Hazelene Rose Ganza                               Mercy Grace Butcon

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                              Sam Daniel Bilboso                                    Theressa Mae Ventor

Students who were granted visas were HM seniors Hazelene Rose Ganza and Mercy Grace Butcon and HM juniors Sam Daniel Biboso and Theresa Mae Ventor.  This U.S. Practicum/Cultural Exchange Program was realized through Dream Search International, Inc., an overseas educational advisory and student agency duly organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  The agency provides information and assistance to Filipino students wishing to participate in the Student Cultural Exchange and Travel Program (SCET-PRO), better known worldwide as the J-1 Summer Work/Travel Program of the US Department of State under the J-1 visa category.  It has 21 partner schools all over the Philippines.