CB&A hosts University Christmas Party

Busy days are here for the College of Business and Accountancy (CB&A) faculty and staff as they play this year’s host in the University Christmas Party to be held December 20, Saturday.  The event, dubbed as “Paskua sa UNO-R, Magsinadya Kita”, starts at 7:30 AM and takes the UNO-R Lobby as its main venue.

Activities outlined include the Registration at 7:30 AM at the Oratory; Holy Mass at 9:00 AM; and Program Proper at 10:30 AM at the Main Lobby.  At the program, the CB&A will stage a Musical Presentation.  Games and raffle draws come in between special numbers from different colleges and offices.  Program EMCEEs are Mr. Tony Gargarita and Mrs. Connie Po.