21 HRM Students Pass the Initial Screening for U.S. Practicum

      Dream Search International, an agency that facilitates the Cultural – Exchange Program for HRM/Tourism Students in the U.S.A., conducted an initial screening for the HRM students of UNO – Recoletos last August 5. Prior to this, an orientation was held last August 4 to all HRM students and their parents at the university auditorium. The agency presented to them the benefits, opportunities and the cost of the program. Out of more than a hundred attendees, 21 HRM students took and passed the examination and interview last August 5 at the Hospitality Training Center.

They are the following:  

4th Year

1. Mercy Grace Butcon                                    

2. Hazelene Rose Ganza                                  

3. Elen Me Senarosa                                       

4. Leni Me Senarosa                                      

5. Felyn Vulcan                                                

6. Felynit Gallos                                                

7. Jalane Rose Butanas


 3rd Year  


8. Rose Gustilo                                                 

9. Theresa Ventor                                           

10. Carlo Yngson                                           

11. Sam Biboso                                               

12. Philamie Donguines                                    

13. Ryan Lomogda                                          

14. Berlyn de la Cruz                                        

15. Francis Pelagio                                           

16. Aaron Jude Liu                                          


2nd Year


17. Gregorio Banadera, Jr.                               

18. Jay Sumilhig                                                

19. Hope Joy Gasapo                                       

20. Athena Joy Santillana                                


1st Year  


21. Ma. Angelie Algara