“Coming together as a family” was the theme of the Mass Communication Society’s “Meet and Greet with MC Alumni” held July 5, 2019 at the Mass Comm studio. The activity served as a simple homecoming event for the Mass Comm alumni from different batches. Dr. Nieves Hibaler-Pepito, Program Head, said that graduates should be “Homey Pigeons”. “They should look back and help their beloved Alma Mater. Like any member of the family, the MassCommunication Program must be a place that someone can come home to because this is where one’s heart is.”, Dr. Pepito added. According to Russel Ballard, Quoted by the Program Chair, “Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.” Miss Glazyl Masculino (batch 2013) and currently connected with Manila Bulletin and the Daily Guardian was elected as Alumni President; Melinda Pedrosa (Sunstar Bacolod) – Vice President; Frances Balboa (Bombo Radyo) – Secretary; Jiefden Puntal (BACIWA) – Treasurer; Aljon Belera (private corporation) – Associate Treasurer; Ian Salvarita (academe) – Auditor; Eden Abuso and Dorel Cabatu (Aksyon Radyo) – Business Managers; Daisy Mae Nonato ( manufacturing firm) and Girlie Carreon (GMA 7 – Bacolod) – Public Information Officers; Kaye Delostrico – Cultural affairs; Therese Panzo (academe) – Social Affairs; Quena Marie Calansingin – Religious affairs; and Sheila Gelera (Visayan Daily Star) – Alumni Affairs. The “Meet and Greet with MC Alumni” aims to raise the Program’s concerns and needs as it was stressed during the activity that the present batch of students are proposing the “facelift the Mass Comm studio” project. To answer the demands of the program through its activities and projects, MC students hope to raise funds and ask donations from its alumni. The event ended with the closing remarks of the batch 2016 President Jiefden Puntal. He stressed that students must synergize talents, abilities, and skills to put up projects, expand their connections with media entities and other agencies and engage with media industries for their internships. (news by Krishia Semellano, BSMC 2)