All achievements require time. November 27, 2013, Wednesday at the UNO-R Auditorium 26 gold, 66 silver and 137 bronze academic awardees proudly received their certificates with their parents during the Honors Convocation. Ms.PinkyRavina- Prudente. Chair of the evaluation committee, has accurately and meticulously computed the grades of the Artians of the first semester, academic year 2013-2014.

Dr. Nieves Hibaler- Pepito, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences gave her inspirational message stressing that “to achieve a lot, it is essential to believe in your potentials. You have to look within and find strength to reach your targets.” She added that the achievements of the students in any learning organization are the results of combined efforts of everyone involved in the teaching- learning environment. Moreover, she advised students to trudge five important action steps: 1) Put things first which means that students must put interest of the things they value so much and set standards on them and be firm with the essentials. 2) Consider legacy- students must leave good traces or good contributions to the school. 3) Evaluate your consistency- students must do the right thing not for expediency or gain for a name is more that one’s property or possession. 4) Examine your words- students must be cautious and prudent of the words that come out their mouths for they reveal the conditions of their hearts- thoughts, motives and attitudes. As man speaks, so he is. Students must use words that build, not destroy others or his school. 5) Evaluate your faith- students must practice the Catholic rituals and ceremonies inculcated by UNO-R. They must create a strong foundation of faith that others can believe in thought, words and deeds. They must build a faith not on the sand but on solid rock. Arvin Velasco and Toni Marie Chavez, gold and silver awardees respectively, gave their motivational messages that, to achieve, students must learn to accept responsibility for actions, to keep on going no matter how tough the journey, to focus on things that matters much to achieve one’s dream and to learn to wait and listen to the wisdom of the experts. With optimism, Dr. Pepito claimed that in times of crises, ARTIANS must build an impeccable character and always do everything with the love of God. To the awardees, CONGRATULATIONS and may your tribe increase!

(AljonAlibuga, CAS READS)