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Fr. President inks a Memorandum of Agreement with ABS-CBN represented by News Chief Harold Limbo.  Now, ABS-CBN becomes one of the media  partners of UNO-R.  In the MOA, ABS-CBN agrees to cover events of the university all throughout the year.  It will also accommodate UNO-R in guesting and other events.  UNO-R and ABS-CBN continue their partnership in the Province-wide Newscasting Competition.  UNO-R in return will give ABS-CBN a free use of the venues for audition of the newscasting competition for grade school and high school levels.  Fr. President sees this as a partnership that will help both parties.  Fr. Jorge Peligro, OAR, in his message,  shared that there are things common to media men and the Priests.  These are:  Confidence, strength and GOOD LOOKS.  Harold Limbo agreed strongly on the third similarity.