Artians dance their way to the top

The College of Arts and Sciences dominated the dance floor during the Opening Ceremony Dance Competition at the University Amphitheatre, afternoon of September 9. The competing groups were assigned different genres of dances namely: Billy Jean for the College of Criminal Justice Education, Rico Mambo for the College of Nursing, Hustle for the College of Business and Accountancy, Footloose for the High School Department, Twist for the College of Education, YMCA for the College of Information Technology, Body Dancer for the College of Arts and Sciences and Rock the Boat for the College of Engineering. The High School Department and the College of Education ended 1st and 2nd place respectively. The Artians also bagged the Most Unique Award while the high school department was awarded Most Colorful. According to Mr. Rufus Javier, CAS faculty, this is another crowning victory for the college and this is due to the cooperation of the students and the faculty and staff.

( John Lester Almosa)