Three programs have undergone their PAASCU Resurvey, Two programs for a formal survey, while one for its preliminary survey last March 6 and 7, 2023. Computer Science, Medical Technology, and Criminology programs were subjected to PAASCU resurvey. Nursing and Social Work Programs had their formal survey. The Agriculture program had its Preliminary Survey.

The members of the PAASCU team for Computer Science, Medical Technology, and Nursing were Sr. Marivic Galamay, SFIC – Team Chairperson and area on Faculty (Computer Science); Dr. Ethel Joy Chua Ong – area on Curriculum and Instruction (Comp Sci); Dr. Paulino Gatpandan- area on Laboratories (Comp Sci); Dr. Avee Joy Dayaganon – Faculty (Medtech); Dr, Maria Teresa Rodriguez – area on Curriculum and Instruction (Medtech); Mr. Allan Jay Espiritu – area on Laboratories (Medtech); Mr. Ronel Calaguas – arena on College Community Involvement (Nursing); Dr. Ma. Encarnacion Dychangco – area on Faculty (Nursing); Dr. Liza Floresca – Laboratories (Nursing); Dr. Christopher De Luna – Laboratories (Nursing); Mr. Kevin Aldrin Espinosa – Observer for Faculty (CS); and Ms. Nery Balatay – PAASCU Representative. Sr. Galamay, Dr. Gatpandan, Mr. Espiritu, Dr. De Luna, and Mr. Calaguas conducted onsite accreditation for the programs.

The members of the PAASCU Team for Criminology, Social Work, and Agriculture were Dr. Lucila Calairo- Team Chairperson; Dr. Alfie Sarmiento – area on Faculty (Crim); Dr. Alrien Dausan – area on Curriculum and Instruction (Crim); Dr. Gilda Octavo – Laboratories (Crim); Dr. Lolita Pablo – area on Faculty (BSSW); Dr. Jowima Reyes – Curriculum and Instruction (Social Work); Dr. Imelda Macaraig – Laboratories (Social Work); Dr. Jaime Cabarles, Jr. – area on Faculty / Research (Agri); Dr. Jose Edwin Cubelo – Curriculum and Instruction and Laboratories (Agri); Dr. Maria Rosario Mosqueda – area on Extension (Agri) and Ms. Jane Martinez – PAASCU representative. Dr. Sarmiento, Dr. Reyes, Dr. Cubelo, and Dr. Cabarles conducted onsite accreditation.