UNO-Rians attended the VI EDUCAR virtual Congress held last November 3-5, 2021. More than 300 delegates from different Augustinian Recollect schools around the globe joined. Day 1 of the congress was dedicated to the reporting of the regional collated responses; Day 2 was on discussions, suggestions and comments; and Day 3 was on the presentation of resolutions. The plenary was divided into 6 areas of EDUCAR, namely, OAR Institutional Educational Project (PEI); the Augustinian Pedagogical Bases; Model for the Evaluation of the Management of the Augustinian Recollect Charism (MEGCAR); Evangelizing Dimension in the Educational Centers; Social Dimensions and ARCORES; and the EDCAR Network.

Fray Don Besana, OAR and Dr. Elmer Haro for PEI; Fray Romeo Ben Potencio, OAR and Dr. Annabee Claur for Pedagogical Bases; Fray Cristituto Plaomar, OAR and Dr. Dennis Madrigal for the Evangelizing dimension; Fray Ronel P. Gealon, OAR and Maribel Gonzalez for Social Dimension and ARCORES; and Fray Persiuz Decena, OAR; Fray Amadeo Lucero, OAR; Ma. Judy B. Legaspi and Carlos Eduardo Legaspi, Jr for EDUCAR Network. Fr. Potencio was the English translator of the Congress.