September 10 -UNO-R celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas of Tolentine. a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was presided by the Bishop of the Diocese of Bacolod, His Excellency Patricio A. Buzon, SDB, 8 am at the Oratory of St. Nicholas of Tolentine. He was joined by all the members of the Recoletos de Bacolod community. Distribution of the blessed loaves (panecillos) of San Nicolas was done after the Mass. The Holy Mass was aired at HeartMedia Productions, and the official UNO-R Facebook page. Awarding of Service Awards and online launch of the 2021 Service Awards video were done. Adhering to IATF protocols, only the following are expected to be at the Oratory: Religious and Lay Administrators, Service Awardees, Secular Augustinian Recollect-Fraternity of UNO-R, and assisting staff. (with Mr. Avelino Kalalang, III)


Most Rev. Patricio Buzon, SDB, DD, Bishop of Bacolod, urged the faithful to be instruments of healing. This was the message of the Bishop during the feast of the Patron Saint of the university, St. Nicholas of Tolentine. In his homily, the Bishop said that despite the pandemic, our hearts are filled with joy as we celebrate the fiesta of San Nicolas. He added that we have to see the life of the saint as a life of preaching and of healing. He proclaimed the Kingdom of God thru his ministry of healing. This is seen in the Panecillos. In these small bread, it is our faith in God’s power and mercy that heals. Today, the Bishop hinted, we need the be active in the ministry of healing. We should be instruments of healing. A word of encouragement in the light of faith could go a very long way to heal even one’s soul. Another simple way to be instruments of healing is through the practice of the health protocols and to get vaccinated. We could heal the community through charity. Getting vaccinated is a charitable act. Furthermore, our country needs healing. This coming election, the wounds would surely cut deeper. There will be further divisions and fake news that would make us sick. The Bishop reminded that like St. Nicholas, we need to heal the division by working for the common good which is founded on truth. If we sell our votes, we sell our future and the wounds will continue to pester us, he added. He also reminded us of the celebration of the “Seasons of Creation” and he quoted Pope Francis saying that we are not just experiencing Climate Change but we are in Climate Emergency. We have to stop talking and start working together to save our Mother Earth. We do need to wait when things become irreversible, we have to work together and contribute in a small way anything that could help our Mother Earth, he challenged everyone.