The UNO-R In-Service Training closed last July 30, 2021. The day opened with a Eucharistic Celebration with Fray Amadeo Lucero, OAR as the Presider. This was followed by the talk of Fr. Lauro Larlar, OAR on Augustinian Spirituality and Pedagogy at 9:30 a.m. The formal Closing Ceremonies started at 10:30 with a video summary of the month-long activity prepared by the ICTD. RDO Director Ashraf Khater presented the evaluation summary. Fr. Ronel Gealon, OAR gave the closing message.


Fray Lauro Larlar, OAR, Prior of the Recoletos Formation Center, focused his talk during the closing of the UNO-R INSET 2021 on the following points: Realization that there is an “Augustine” in each one of us; the Augustinian way of Life in today’s context; and learning St. Augustine’s Pastoral and Pedagogical approach to education. Fr. Lauro introduced St. Augustine’s attitude as Search and Encounter. One’s faith should be shared; one’s Love must be lived in fellowship and one’s Hope must be experienced in the community of brothers and sisters. Our whole life is lived with others and in unity with others. We must and should make the Gospel the root of our lives. A summary of the Rule of St. Augustine was presented where Rule 1 is on the Love of God and for God; Rules 2 – 7 are on Love for God is love of neighbors; Rule 8 is love for Spiritual Beauty. These rules should help us see Christ and the “Augustine” in every person. Secondly, he shared on St. Augustine’s way of life as a life embracing the values of the Gospel and Fraternal community while his spirituality is a pilgrimage, a journey, a way of life. These topics help us see the relevance of the Augustinian way of life. Fr. Larlar then shifted to the Augustinian pedagogy where he reminded us of accompaniment or walking, working with, alongside each other, where we must see ourselves as pedagogues who leads the students to Jesus, the Interior Teacher. He then deduced the discussion to the UNO-R setting. He commented that UNO-R is on the right track in focusing on evangelization. He added that we must embrace the SES – Search restlessly; Encounter, be encountered; and Serve, Share, Spread. He concluded his talk with 3 challenges for educators: first, to always learn from St. Augustine; second, bring out to light the potentials of the students; and third, to bring about what St. Augustine called as Transformative experiences of our students. Fr. Larlar gave some points for us to ponder on responding to these challenges: Be like St. Augustine, Be faithful and find joy in Christ, and His body, the Church; and respond using the Recollect way of life.


Fray Ronel Gealon, OAR, Vice President for Administration and Director of the Human Resource Management and Development Office in his closing remarks thanked all those who were actively involved in the In-Service Training 2021. He noted that despite the current situation, by the grace of God, daily prayers, daily Eucharistic celebration and inspiring messages, we are all alive, enlightened, and Inspired. He shared that the topics during the INSET set the tone of our preparation for the next academic year in this new normal. “We have challenges and great opportunities ahead of us amidst this situation, but as a community, with your help and cooperation, we will meet the difficulties with grace and joy in our hearts – to impart to our students the formative and educative plans through the Vision-Mission statement, Goals and objectives of UNO-Recoletos and be able to perform the challenges as Augustinian Recollect Pedagogues, he added.