A whole-day In-Service Training (INSET) for Religious, Lay, and Mid-level Administrators was conducted last June 4 via ZOOM. During the morning session, Dr. Socorro Victoria L. de Leon was the Resource Speaker on the “Basic Management Tools in Educational Leadership”. Fray Romeo Ben Potencio, OAR led the community into prayer while University President Fray Don Besana, OAR gave the welcome address. Fray Jose Alden Alipin, OAR introduced the Resource Speaker, and Fray Ronel Gealon, OAR gave the Closing Remarks and Prayer. During the afternoon session, Fray Rafael Pecson, OAR, San Sebastian College de Cavite President gave a talk on “The Profile of a Rekoleto Leader”. The program opened with the Prayer led by Fray Persiuz Joseph Decena, OAR while Fray Amadeo Lucero, OAR introduced the speaker. Fray William Villaflor, OAR concluded the program with his Closing Remarks and Prayer.
Dr. De Leon brought the participants back to the definition and scope of Educational Management. She had a very extensive discussion of Leadership and Management in an educational system where she differentiated leadership from Management. She stressed the three significant roles of a teacher-leader: building trust relationships, taking on the qualities of effective leaders, and facilitating Professional Learning. Transformational Leadership was the center of the lecture. She shared that transformational leaders should have these four attributes: idealized influence; inspirational motivation; intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. The peak of the talk was on the topic of Servant leadership. She shared the insight that a great leader must first serve others and that this simple fact is central to his or her greatness: true leadership emerges from those whose primary motivation is a desire to help others. She closed her talk by sharing the benefits of being a transformational leader. Fray Pecson, on the other hand, divided his talk into four parts, which are: Framework, Rule of St. Augustine and other Writings, Connect to Context, and Expressions of the Profile of an Ideal Rekoleto School Leader. He opened his talk on the reflection of the triangular relationship of the Rekoleto School Leader, the Rekoleto Lay Collaborators, and the Schools. He expressed that there should be engagement /excellence, expertise/passion, and empathy (communion) among the three. In the second part, he shared the themes of Chapter 7 of the Rule of Saint Augustine are Respect, Supervision, Service, and Mercy. Fr. Pecson gave a clear image that “Rekoleto School leaders are leaders “with” others that leads to Caritas et Scientia.” The “with” is the distinctive Augustinian characteristic of leadership. He shared that rekoleto leaders must have the following skills: Dialogue, Learned writing, knowledge of their audience, persuasiveness, and the knowledge when to change by initiating and by creating new things. He reminded everyone that “stress, conflict, and risk may cause inner conflict and it is the task of the leadership to inspire lay collaborators to move through beyond inner conflict.” The whole talk of Fray Pecson gave a good image of having “Caritas et Scientia” as the core of the Rekoleto leader.