The Fr. President issued Memorandum No. 068 s. 2020-2021 entitled Lay Administrators for AY 2021-2022. Upon the approval of the School Board, the following are appointed Lay Administrators for AY 2021-2022:

Mrs. Ma. Judy B. Legaspi – Secretary to the President

Dr. Carlos Eduardo I. Legaspi, Jr. – Director, External Affairs

Dr. Elmer T. Haro – Director, Planning and Quality Assurance

Mr. Mariano D. Antenor, Jr. – Head, Information and Communication Technology

Mr. Mars G. Olea – Supervisor, Safety and Security Department

Dr. Sheila P. Arnibal – Dean, College of Allied Medical Health Sciences

Dr. Annabee M. Claur – Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Mrs. Grace L. Lopena – Dean, College of Business & Accountancy

Dr. Jasmin L. Parreño – Dean, College of Criminal Justice Education

Dr. Ma. Theresa H. Chavez – Dean, College of Education

Engr. Christopher G. Taclobos – Dean, College of Engineering

Dr. Dennis V. Madrigal – Dean, Recoletos de Bacolod Graduate School

Atty. Dodie O. Turla – Dean, School of Law

Ms. Venus R. Blancia – IS Principal (N-10)

Mr. Harry S. Magluyan – IS Principal (11-12)

Engr. Ashraf R. Khater – Director, Research & Development Office

Dr. Lino Z. Sumbillo, Jr – University Registrar

Mrs. Sheila M. De La Cruz – Director of Libraries

Ms. Chris Feli Joy P. Tajonera – Director, Student Development & Placement Center

Dr. Nena P. Samillano – Director, Special Technological & Educational Programs

Mrs. Ma Luisa C. Catague – University Comptroller

Mr. Alvin P. Mananquil – Specialist, Management Information System

Mr. Ildefonso G. Obligado – Supervisor, Property Administrator’s Office

Dr. Dexter Paul D. Dioso – Director of Student Affairs

Lina C. Tejida- Sports Moderator

Maribel M. Gonzales – Director, University Community Development Office